How do girls wear thongs/g-strings all the time when girls get discharge?

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Girls wear thongs because they feel they're more comfortable of course.. Or they're wearing bottoms that might show the lining of their underwear, so they wear thongs instead.

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When you say discharge I assume you mean period. Well, then you don't wear a thong then. Nobody wears a thong- string all the time. Better to wear nothing at all.

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I second that emotion...

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I don't think she means period, just regular va ginal discharge. And in that case, I think I've seen once that there are thong pads? I'm not too sure though.

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The amount of discharge you get varies from person to person. Some girls get a lot of it, while others get hardly any.

Usually if you're the kind of girl who gets a lot of discharge or spotting, you won't want to wear thongs, at least not all day long. Some women carry an extra pair of panties in their purse in case they get too damp.

There are panty liners made for thongs, but in my experience they don't stick very well and move around a lot. So if you get a lot of discharge, I would suggest not wearing thongs, or only wear them occasionally. You wouldn't want to wear one to work or the gym, but if you're just going out to the bar for an hour or two, discharge shouldn't be much of a problem.

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It comes down to what you're comfortable with. :) You shouldn't feel like you have to wear thongs if you don't want to or if they're uncomfortable for you. Some women are more comfortable wearing thongs, or no panties at all, and some women are more comfortable with "regular" panties.

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I'd say I get an average amount of discharge, but it doesn't really matter because the thong/gstring is a type of underwear that primarily effects the back area. I've never had an issue with discharge at all. I've you're heavy with it or want to be overly cautious just wear a tampon whenever you want to wear the above styles. It's really not an issue though.

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I wear thongs pretty much everyday just because there more comfertable and they don't show in my jeans, the only day I don't wear them are when I have my period I wear normal underwear then

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I love when you have your period. It's lovely to want to cry weaing normal underwear when you have your period. Which I love when you have your period, is that I love too see the waistband of your nomal underwear and you see the waistband of my boxer brief underwear.

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