Who else gets turned on by wearing thongs?

I finally got a few thongs last weekend and have been wearing them for the past few days. but I think I got the wrong size because they are always riding up my v. and it makes me horny all day having them up there. its not like I can just be pulling them out all the time in front of people.

Just wondering if im the only one who likes this or if I will get used to them being up there or do I have the wrong size? I don't know maybe all thongs ride up these are my first pairs

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lol. I dont have them on backwards. but I was wrong... I said thongs but what I got were "G-strings" I guess. I was talking to a friend about it and the same thing happened to her so she bought some thongs in stead and it didnt give her the front wedgie anymore. im gonna try it. but ya no, I could not get up the curage to ask if it turned her on...lol 'o'

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Ye em you must have them on backwards or something lol.. there not suppose to be up there they should just sit in between your arse cheeks..

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maybe it is the wrong size. but the shuld be up your v. they shuld be in the back. make sure you dont have em on backwards. and yes they always gonna feel like you have a wedgie but thats all you shuld feel

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Mine do not do that. I think you got the wrong size. Plus having this ride up in your vagina area can cause yeast infections.

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Well I'm sure that it happens to a lot of people I mean whan they are to small and it pressures you there then I guess everybody get's turned on, but I would suggest buying you know a bigger size...


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