Do you think girls that are in middle school are to young to have a boyfriend?

Answer #1

No that’s perfectly normal where I live the girls in 6th grade, some of them even have boyfriends, it all depends on wat ur doin with them, kissing and stuff like that is fine s*x is not, hope that helps

Answer #2

Nope. In today’s society that’s pretty much close to impossible anyways. It’s like to have a boyfriend you have a higher reputation. We all need to experience new things, meet new people, take risks and seek challenges and having a bf can give you those experiences even if at a young age. Maybe a downfall would be that they are still growing and their hormones are everywhere which could put a middle school girl in a mix of emotions. Either way it will be a joyful experience, something that you can look back and remember once your older I guess.

Answer #3

I think were to young to plus its no point you dont evan go out on a date maybe you hangout but thats not a date Also you would have more advantage doing thinks when your older so why waist your time nd get hurt…. Thats my opinon :)

Answer #4

Fair enough I understand your point but some people like new experiences. You are after all only in middle school, there is no guarantee that the boy will be with you forever but just the idea of experiencing what it’s like to have one is memorable for some people. Depending on the person and their level of maturity people will have different views.

Answer #5

Do you think they are to young ? Sometimes it is depending on their maturity level

Answer #6

Yes i think they r too young

Answer #7

You’re not going to have a real relationship in middle school, and that’s just the end-all-be-all. It can help you “prepare” for relationships when you get older, though. As long as you aren’t engaging in sexual activities as a middle-schooler, I see no problem with it.

Answer #8

No! Most of my friends have a bf I choose not to have one! I have had many guys liked me and I liked him but It never happend! , Boys are soo immature at this age and girls just aren’t sure! But it’s your choice!

Answer #9

No not at all. I’ve had “boyfriends” but you know they have taught me valuable lessons. Like don’t get with them if theyaren’t going to talk to you and don’t break up with them too early. These kind of things will help me out with my new high school relationships. So i say no you are not.

Answer #10

When I was in middle school I always thought nothing was wrong with having a boyfriend & that im old enough to handle myself. Now that im older, I believe girls in middle school shouldn’t have a boyfriend at such a young age. There’s so much more out there to explore & having a boyfriend is too soon!

Answer #11

i agree with that. in middle school youre not going to have a real relationship. but it is good preparation for one. and as long as youre not engaging in sexual activity its not that big of a deal

Answer #12

I belive not. It depends if you parents let you, but if you dont want your parents to find out, then dont tell them.

Answer #13

i honestly can say Yes they are, when i was a middle schooler i thought i was old enough. until i actually got older and realized the middle schoolers these days r screwed up… they dont know anything until they actually grow up and look back.

Answer #14

it actually REALLY depends because, as stated before, a relationship during middle school can prepare a kid for later relationships, but you nver know, sometimes they can work out :). Like im currently in a 4-year-long relationship with my gf from 5th grade. And yes, i may be young for my age, but my maturity can be stated as that of a 16-17 year old, and that can also. and will, effect the relationship.

Answer #15

i dont think that its to young i had two girl friends in middle school and sex was the last thing on me mind. so yeah let them have their young and nonsexual romance.

Answer #16

its nt too yng. it depends on hw u deal with it.wen i ws ur age i dint hv ne relationship bt i always felt like experiencing the touch of othr ppl on my intimate i asked a frnd of mine to cm at my place wen i was all alone.wen he came i stood there wearing only panty.he ws shocked bt happy.then he asked me wat i wanted.i told him to touch my sex organs gently n he did that vry well.he kept on caressing my boobs n then he ran his fingers inside my ws vry gud.he usd to cm home vry often n as soon as v got tym he usd to do all dis. one day i felt lyk xperiencing d same thing in d that day i called him in the washroom n i removed all my clothes.he also invited his frnd n they both evn sucked my i dint hv sex dat tym

Answer #17

I think its ok for them to say,.. yea this is my bf/gf, but I think if they get to go to each others houses, they should really be watched. You wouldnt want them to get into something they cant get out of.

Answer #18

No i think it’s perfectry fine. the only reason some people think it’s wrong is because sometimes there are stories of teenage pregnancies or talk about getting marrried with you first girlfriend. but you got to start somwhere and as long as your not going all the way sexualy it should be fine :)

Answer #19

O no its not too young, and dont listen to anyone who tells you its not a real relationship, or that its not true love! I met my bf in the 5th grade and we are still together (currently in the 11th grade)! And its your body, when YOU are ready to have sex, just be safe! I had sex at 13 but only because I felt ready. Good luck(:

Answer #20

just b careful there alot of guys with a silver tongue there charmers nothing eles take ur time make them come to u

Answer #21

no i dont think so but i may be biased cus im 13 also, we can have a real relationship as long as we get butterflys and talk to each other. a real relationship isnt about having s e x (i said it!) its about if you both like each other and both know it

Answer #22

btw my mom/dad are fine with me dating when i asked them in 3rd grade if i could have a bf when i turned 43 and they both were like ur gona have one in next year hehe i was smooth.

Answer #23

yes i think so cause well i myself never dated any1 while i was in middel school i didnt even know what to even do with a guy

Answer #24

Im in junior and i dont think its really a waste of time to date. its just something you do growing up. its part of the highschool middle school experience. i think seventh grade and sixth are to young but i think of you like someone enoughh in eighth grade to date than i personally think its fineee.

Answer #25

Im in junior and i dont think its really a waste of time to date. its just something you do growing up. its part of the highschool middle school experience. i think seventh grade and sixth are to young but i think of you like someone enoughh in eighth grade to date than i personally think its fineee.

Answer #26

no. your not to young when ur in middle school. well… it depends on what grade. 6th is too young, 7th is ok but still kinda young. 8th i think is fine as long as u know how far to go and when to stop.

Answer #27

A lot of what people are saying is completely off. You can have a real relationship when you’re in 8th grade. And in a real relationship there will be physical/sexual things involved. If you want a boyfriend and feel like ur ready for one, go for it. You’re not too young.

Answer #28

they can be in relationships, but they’re not emotionally capable for a lot of it. like saying i love you. kids and people use it much to whimsically. at the of 13 or 14 i don’t believe it’s possible to really mean it if you say it. on the physical aspect of it, id stay a virgin. they’re too young to handle the emotion and sometimes pain that comes with the territory.

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