Why do they say girls mature faster than boys?

This is really baffling me, I’m not sure how this came about but I’d really like to know if you agree with it or not and what your take is on it! :) It’s not to say that guys aren’t immature but generally, more girls are more commonly perceived as mature compared to the populations of boys, why is this?

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Because its true :] Also girls normally start puberty earlier than boys.

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“Because it’s true” really doesn’t hold any value on the subject… I honestly cannot and will not agree with this saying lol.

Answer #3

That just shows how immature you are, so ha, its true :D:D:D:D

Answer #4

And how exactly does that show it? Do tell :)

Answer #5

So what you’re saying is that girls physically mature faster than guys? Mind touching on the mental aspect as well :)

Answer #6

I agree with it. I noticed that the girls in my grade this year were VERY mature while all the boys were still cracking “That’s what she said” jokes. I’m not sure why it is though. It could be because girls start puberty faster that boys. Dunno D: Sorry!

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Also, girls develop deeper friendships than boys (boys hang out in big groups while girls have certain friends) so maybe they experience deeper emotions earlier than boys do. Because they grow more attached to certain people while boys just sort of float. But that’s just a theory.

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I’m not really an expert on the subject but I do think it is true. Girls start puberty approximately two years before boys do. It explains why most girls act more serious like at 18 than boys do. But maybe girls mature more physically but not always mentally. I don’t know that’s just my take on it. I don’t know if that really answers your question lol

Answer #9

I’d like to get more answers before I come to my general consensus lol :)

Answer #10

Personally, I think girls try and act mature because being mature looks good. If you see a girl running around with pants on her head, then it might be “unattractive” or “foolish”. We care a lot of what people think (well, most girls do.) Guys may care what people think, but they’ve just always been known for burping and sticking gum every where. It’s just how the culture is I guess. So yes, I think girls can be more mature than boys, but in some situations, it can easily be turned around.

Answer #11

That’s a nice analogy, thanks :)

Answer #12

Well its true. We through puberty faster, In most cases we learn a bit faster. And so on and so forth.

Answer #13

But how exactly does that show that girls mature faster? This is very narrowly and loosely based on scientific data?

Answer #14

Uhhhhh….. Ok idk that’s just what we got told in 6th grade during some lame assembly for girls…. Lol

Answer #15

it’s because they hit puberty first. When someone hits puberty, they naturally “grow up”

Answer #16

Well physically we grow bo0bs before guys b@lls drop….. I think….. We mature that’s way. Uhhh we get taller before boys……. that’s all I know.

Answer #17

That brings up an interesting point, I think it has to do with the fact that girls tend to reach the social role of what society wants them to be far more quicker than boys do. But this still doesn’t prove that girls are more mature than guys on average, see, I’d like to think each side has it’s fair share of mature and immature people but to think this is absolutely absurd.

Answer #18

yes.. very true.

Answer #19

Hunhh, idk I was a pretty immature kid. I mean sure boys are immature, but because they’re more upfront about it, I guess that’s why we say that. Like on movie day in middle school, on the kissing scene like every kid started like giggling. I know that girls hit puberty earlier, but in my opinion I don’t necessarily think that it’s the gender that makes us more mature. I mean there are a lot more immature guys compared to girls, but eh. I don’t make sense. :( I agree with what Tanzy said though!

Answer #20

It’s only in the physical aspect that girls mature faster, that I can agree with :)

Answer #21

Cuz we r better than guys.

Answer #22

We hit puberty first as i’m sure people have already said, I just havent read any other answers. ; I used to be taller than my little brother, like not even a year ago. He just turned 15 and is about half a foot taller than me. ; Did you ever notice in the 6th grade that all the girls seemed to want older guys? It was because we got our boobies, and started wearing make-up, and started our period, and decided we want guys with muscles, that are taller than us, and have manly voiced rather than short, squeeky-voiced, no facial hair, immature boys that were our age. :D

Answer #23

manly voices** obviously. :D

Answer #24

I disagree with the friendship comment. I have 1 very good friend that’s like a brother to me, that I have known since I first went into school.

Answer #25

They did a survey on it :P it doesn’t mean it’s true for everyone, but it is for the majority.

Answer #26

Society has always expected that. Boys have been allowed to run around, play and have fun. Girls have been required to appear and hehave good, dress good to look good in clothing and appearance, be cute, do well at school and keep quiet.

This creates a big pressure on the girls.

Answer #27

i dont really agree with it bc ive seem more mature guys than girls. all the girls here act like every guy should bow down to them and it makes me sick. i personally will admit im not the most mature person bc i love to hav fun, so no i dont agree with that statement :D

Answer #28

That’s interesting that you don’t lol, I think it’d be rather offensive of me if I actually made any sort of point to disagree with it with any of my classmates. Most likely be seen as a misogynist and a chauvinist lol, but thanks for your insight :)

Answer #29

your welcome!! haha

Answer #30

The NIMH research team, led by Jay Giedd, has made a movie of normal brain changes from ages 5 to 20 (ref. 3). It reveals that the grey matter thickens in childhood but then thins in a wave that begins at the back of the brain and reaches the front by early adulthood (see graphic, below). The process completes itself sooner in girls than in boys. This corresponds to a long-held assumption that adolescence sees the prefrontal cortex regions that handle executive functions ‘waking up’ and to the conventional wisdom that girls mature faster in this respect.

Powell, Kendall. “Neurodevelopment: How does the teenage brain work?” Nature 442.7105 (2006): 865+. Academic OneFile. Web. 4 Aug. 2010.

The issue of sex differences in intelligence needs to be analysed developmentally because girls mature faster than boys over the age range 8–15 years; from the age of 8 years the growth rate of girls begins to accelerate, in relation to that of boys, so that girls are on average taller and heavier than boys between the ages of 8–15; from the age of 16 years onwards, the growth rate of girls slows relative to boys, with the result that boys become taller and heavier than girls. Sex differences in intelligence follow the same developmental sequence as those in height, weight and brain size, i.e. they move in favour of girls over the age range 8–15 years, but from 16 years onwards they move in favour of boys

Lynn, R., Allik, J., & Must, O. (2000). Sex differences in brain size, stature and intelligence in children and adolescents: Some evidence from Estonia. Personality and Individual Differences, 29(3), 555-560. doi:10.1016/S0191-8869(99)00215-9.

Answer #31

Actually, studies have proven that the male’s balls drop at birth, so we win. :D

Answer #32

because they do! Girls brains mature faster. In adolescences, two major things are happening in the brain. The first is that there is a decline in gray matter because your brain is strenghtening the connections that are used and removing the ones are are not. The second is there is an increase in white matter, or myelin. Myelin surrounds axons of nerve cells which makes the information travel faster and more efficiently. Both of these process start and finish earlier in girls. It makes sense for girls to mature faster also, because their reproductive lives are more limited than in males. A girls brain is usually mature are about 21 whereas it may take a few years longer for a male. Its not always true, sometimes a male or female may have a mature brain very early. Only MRI can tell you when your brain is technically mature.

Answer #33

haha :P

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