Does drinking milk make your boobs grow?

Does drinking milk make your boobs grow faster or does it not?

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You cant just make any part of your body exactly how you want them to look, unless you have plastic surgery. Its called genetics. Whatever genes you inherit from your family, is what you are stuck with. You can do all the boob exercises you want, and drink all the milk you want, but it wont make your boobs any bigger!

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LMFAO, that "angelfire2708" yeh genetics are deffinitly correct my whole effing family (da feemalezz) has big breasts, kind of disgusting really, but yeah drinking milk does not do anything but make your bones stronger, the only way they'll get bigger is when you get pregnant, beacuse yeh im sure you took puberty classes in school lol, i dont need to go thru with that stuff, but yeh,, like i said, no , drinking milk does not make them any bigger

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i have no idea but fatty foods make ur boobs bigger cuz its all fat init soo i hope ive helped..x

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yeah. I think so. that's what hella people said at my school.

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