What do you think about the girl who pretended to be pregnant for 6 months as her senior class project?

Answer #1

I think she deserves an award.. Best new actress..

Answer #2

Did you see her interview?

Answer #3

No I haven’t gotten a chance to check it out yet

Answer #4

You need to see it.. at one point, she had friends & classmates talking bad about her.. I dislike 2 faced people..

Answer #5

I’m the same, I can’t stand bn 2 faced, and if she was silly enough to do that, she knows how the other kids react already well she may just deserve it and well that way she wud have found her true friends as well

Answer #6

Just watched the interview and I have to say that I support her idea.

Answer #7

I just thought that it was a great idea & she put on a great act.. It was a good way to find out- who’s real & who’s fake? But she put on a great show..

Answer #8

i thought that was freaking awesome! i wouldnt have the guts to do it but bravo to her!! :D

Answer #9

Wow, I couldn’t do it!

Answer #10

I’m just not exactly sure what it accomplished….I mean it was brave and all. Actually, it would make for an AWESOME senior prank. But a social experiment? I mean, most of us know the stigma attached to teen moms. Most of us realize that high school students will find any reason to gossip or make fun of someone. Yea, she called a few people out on their bs, but honestly…Are any of us truly surprised at the “results”? I doubt that this ruse will change the way people interact on a daily basis. I do however think its a great platform for her to study sociology in university!

Answer #11

Wow I didn’t even hear about this, where can I watch the interview

Answer #12

This girl made a good point for many girls who go through these issues for real. She shined the light on people who shuned her because they thought she was pregnant. She took a stand for teenage pregnancy showing that teenage girls are exploited and treated unfairly while becoming a teenage parent. The stress of a teen who is not expecting is already high then we add being pregnant and it becomes far more then just normal stress of a teen. People treat teen pregnancy as a crime when in fact it is the act of life. I laugh when i hear peopel say the parents should have taking her to church more or taught her to keep her legs closed. While in the bible it states the Virgin Mary was 13-years-old when she gave birth to Jesus. I give that girl high points for what she accomplished in her quest to stand up to these people on teenage pregnancy.

Answer #13

And how should we treat selfish immature people who go and get pregnant knowing they won’t be able to support their children? Should we give them prizes? Uhm crimes are a fact of life. I don’t really see where you’re going with this? Also dr.ugs are a fact of life. People don’t support others who make bad decisions. Fact of life or not. As for the Virgin Mary. You’re talking about a time when teenagers got married and raised families. Also these were the days of slavery, when women were property, people were stoned to death, and children were sold. I don’t think you should quite cite the days of the bible as a back up to how humans should behave. We would throw people in ja.il if they behaved the way the bible told them to.

Answer #14

Becoming pregnant is not selfish nor immature, it is something that just happens sometimes. Also, if you research teen parents you would learn that most teen mothers earn more money and have paid more in taxes then a women who waited until her twenties to have a baby. By the time a teen mother turns 30 her job of choice is already strong while a women who waited has to put her job on hold to raise a child. No, we shouldn’t give them prizes but, we should give them respect. I said teen pregnancy is not a crime and should not be treated as one, giveing birth is an act of life. I am not a church person but I do know the Bible does not say stone people, or these people shall be slaves, women belong to and are beneath men. It does say treat those as you would want to be treated. People follow the Bible everyday!! You know the 3 days a week church goers. These people are so faithful to the Bible that they give 10% of their paycheck to the church. Like I said I don’t go to church nor do I read the Bible but I do know what it says. You might want to read up on it a little bit because no where in it does it say commite a crime of any kind. No one would end up in jail for following it.

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