Can i dye over green-tinted hair to fix it?

Okay soo I was attempting to go a light brown from dark auburn. I bleached it twice, then used light ash brown over it. I knew there was a chance of it turning green but I did it anyway. Now it is brown with a greenish gray tint. What color could I dye over it to get rid of the green?

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the only thing that will get rid of that is a really dark brown or maybe black but i don't know if that's what you are going for cause i think you wanted to go lighter. I suggest you go to a salon they will know what to do best there..

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Black or deep purple but I realy think the black would be the right thing. . . And take pictures first. . . . . I wan't to see what green tinted hair looks like. . .

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Do you want to color your hair so it will be a different color or would like to remove the green tint to the color you already have?

If you would like to cover it up with a different color, although deep purple would be very cool, you could try a dark red. A black cherry would be nice.

Just to remove the green tint is a bit more complicated, but you could do it. I think you should also be using some good conditioner for all the bleaching you have done.

If all else fails, do the black. Don't forget the pictures. :)

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No. The answer to your problem does not have to be to cover it up. There are ways to remove an unwanted green tint from your hair. It is complicated and you could not do it alone. Go to a salon. Unless you want to change the color you have, you do not have to completely cover it up.

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I am a student in cosmetology, all you need to do is find a demi-permanent hair color with an orange-red base. Think of the color wheel- you have green tinted hair so you must balance it out with a red-orange base. Just like if you have blonde hair, you need to use a filler of orangey red color before you color you hair darker (because blond=yellow and ash tones= green, and mixing the two just gives you green tinted hair). You said that you went from red to bleached blonde? If that is the case, you went wrong when you used the ash color. You got rid of the red when you bleached your hair, so you didn't need to use an ash color (bc the red was already gone), all ash tones give a green and gray tint. Hope this helps! Oh and for future reference I'll add this bc it helps me to remember the basics:
color with a "w" or "warm" or "g" or "golden"= RED tint
color with "ash" = green or gray tint
color with "n" or "natural" or "neutral" USUALLY= natural UNLESS you go from blonde to a darker color (like brown), in which case these too are GREENer tints

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