How can I get semi-permanent black dye out of my hair?

So, I semi permanently died my medium brown hair black. and it looks Horrible. no lies. so after crying for hours, I googled what to do and found some things to try. nothing has worked! heres what I’ve done to try and get back to my natural color :

I saturated it with lemon juice and sat in the sun for hours I washed it with dish soap I washed it with tide I washed it with a strong head & shoulders ( like 7 times already) I washed it with Prell shampoo ( again like 7 times already)

I really really don’t want to bleach my hair, or take out my natural color, I don’t want dead hair, because I’ve been growing it out all year. also I’m only 16 I don’t want the roots problem to deal with.

it hasn’t even faded, or lightened at all. I don’t know what to do. my prom is in 3 days. HELP!!!

Answer #1

the best way to strip unwanted colour is to use a deep conditioning treatment, its not damaging and if you use it twice a week I will promise you the colour will fade in no time :)

Answer #2

Semi-permanent colors last 6-8 shampoos. Not 68!!! DO NOT strip your hair of color!!! I do agree to go to a salon though.

Answer #3

im blonde and just got black dyed only underneath my hair 2 days ago and i want it blonde again : [. im thinking about going bk to the hair dressers in 8 weeks to get it stripped, is this a good idea?

Answer #4

Those natural home remedies won’t do a thing to get rid of black, sweetie. I’m a hairstylist, take it from me–go to a salon.

Firstly, by coloring your hair black, you have already “taken out” your natural color. It’s gone, kiss it goodbye. Now let’s work on the bright side and keep a positive attitude here. This isn’t the end of the world.

Never, EVER do a major hair color change before a big event. Lesson learned, I won’t drill that one into you any further.

The only, I repeat, ONLY way to get black out is to have it stripped or bleached out. Then your stylist can add color to it to get it to a color that you want.

The GOOD NEWS is that you have only applied one round of black to your hair. It should come out fairly easily! It’s when you’ve been coloring it black for months or years that the color becomes very difficult to remove. Since you’ve only colored it once, I bet after one bleach or stripping session, you’ll have removed almost all of it.

When the stripper is rinsed off, you’ll look a dull and rather spotty shade of light brown or blonde or even reddish. Don’t expect your natural hair color to come shining back. Then your stylist will have to tone the color to get something close to what you want.

It will cost between $150.00 to $200.00 not including tip ( i recommend a $20.00 tip–she’ll be working on you all day). But it’s worth every penny.

Do not go into the salon with a perfect vision of getting your old hair back. Just work with what your hair gives you and make your only goal to get the black out. Then go from there with your stylist.

Nowadays, it’s simply not true that your hair will be damaged beyond repair when you bleach it. There are many good innovations going on to make color stripping not near as bad as it used to be.

After you have it done (it will take all day, so pack a lunch and clear your schedule), deep condition it with a salon brand conditioning treatment or something of the like. Sleep with baby oil in your hair the first night. Even if it comes out with breakage or damage, you can still tame it for prom night with a good stylist and plenty of good product and curling/flat irons.

Calm down–this can be fixed with something you’re happy with. Let us know how it turns out!

Answer #5

go to a saolon. thats the best thing to do. i dyed my hair permanent black, and it looked awful. so i went to a salon. they did it SAFELY without screwing up my hair. it might cost some money, but your prom is something you want to remember, not regret. so its worth it.

good luck =)

Answer #6

im haveing the same problem and need help as I really cant afford to go to the salon to get out it is really dark as I have dyed it black for about a year and worst of all my extensions are also blck an I need to get them back to brown to any tips people helps me please

Answer #7

i had that happen to me a few mounths ago, i asked someone from the haircuttry they said stripping and bleaching it i really didnt want to do that so they sugested putting highlights in sothat it would comaflage the roots,but i have dark hair and it worked pretty well and it was really cute!!!

Answer #8

im not sure how to ask a question so will ask on here. I put a semi-perminant dye on my hair that lasts 28 washes. however its gone patchy brown and bright ginger. if I was it 28 times at once will the dye come out or not at all? sorry to ask on someone elses question

Answer #9

Well that sucks. But at least you dont have a hideous haircut like me thats up to your shoulders. I start 8th grade in 3 months and I really was looking forward to having long beautiful hair but now its ughh.

And It’ll take a million years for my hair to grow down to my waist again. This sucks.

Put on a wig? I guess the only thing I can think of is bleaching your hair. But that ..urg. So confusing.

Answer #10

omg :\ if its yuur prom :| aparently head and shoulders makes it fade quicker but not totally :( I just this minute dyed sum of my hair pink on my blonde hair and it looks awfull its more purple and theres sum pink streaks in it.. I cry everytime I look in the mirror at it. and its not like I can go hairdressers because I’ve only just had it done blonder and I thought it would look good wiv pink :( :( im well upset bout thiss

Answer #11

Hey, All You Gotta Do Is Cut Your Hair Man. Yeah You Will have to grow it back out. But Oh Well. Hair Grows Fast. Just Trim It every time it grows until the black is gone. So Then You wont have to suffer too much hair loss. I Dyed my hair black last night and the guy at the store said that was all I had to do.. He said thats what he did.

Answer #12

I cant find any way eitherr. I was once a blonde with natural highlights and now I look like a gothic freakk. it looks terrible some people like it and others arent so sure ut I know I dontt. I need help fastt. summers coming and I dont want to look like a black haired girl with blonde roots and a colorful bikini. lol. I’ve tried dishwashing soap and kept it in for five minutes but nahdah nothingg. please I need help in any way possiblee. :[[

Answer #13

Pixie…there’s this dye that I used when I first started dying my hair black and it’s actually supposed to be dark brown but it looks black. It won’t have the harsh effects of dying your hair black because it’ll eventually fade into a dark brown.

Answer #14

Okay so um Hi, I’ve been wanting to audition for a movie and those auditions are probably going to be at the end of next year, the character I want to try out for has black medium short hair buuuttt problem is I’ve got ash blonde hair and I was wondering if I dyed it semi-perm will it come outt [fade off] eventualy?

Thanks a mill. XOXOX Pixie~

Answer #15

its horrible I no how you all feel I’ve just dyed my hair brown from a dirty blonde and I hate it im ginger on top its hidiouse and my mums wedding is in two weeks im so annoyed I don’t no why I did it but the best thing to do is put some lemon juice on your head leave it in fout 10 mins then wash out then shampoo then wash ure hair with washing up liquid the condition its sounds crazy but it does fade the colour keep repeaing this and once your hairs a ight brown or dark blonde you can just dye it blode again but DONT dye it blond after uve dyed it brown because you will go very gibger I promisee,, hope this helps oh and if anyone else has some tips pls add them because mine is fadeing but I need it to fade quicker as I only have wo weeks :(

Answer #16

JuniperOne, actually you are wrong, there are ways to get black hair out and the salon is not the only solution. Trust me I know what I am talking about because I have dyed my hair black several times and have it back to brown, red or any color I choose.

I recommend using the Prell shampoo on dry hair and leaving it on for about an hour. Or a hot oil can be used for about an hour also. Do this about 3 times and your hair WILL fade. This is coming from a girl who has made that mistake a couple times, lol.

Answer #17

I’ve heard that washing your hair with shampoo and baking soda several times weekly helps take the color out but I don’t know if that’s true. Also, I find that Nexium strips a lot of the hair color. So maybe prolonged use will help it come out.

I don’t understand why you are having so much trouble taking a semi-permanent out. Since it doesn’t take as long as a permanent to come out I would think it would come out easier. Next time try to go with a demi-permanent if you’re unsure of a color it lasts even less (just in case you don’t like it).

Hope this helps :)

Answer #18

I have medium brown hair and kept dying it black with semi permanent. within a month it had mostly all faded out so I redyed it. it should fade fairly easily on its own, mine did! Howevevr when I did it permanent, I decided I didnt want it anymore, so when the roots started showing, I redyed it with semi permanent and kept redying with semi permanent. Within a few months all the permanent black dye had grown out, so then I stopped using the semi permanent to redye the roots and my hair was back to it’s natural colour within a month of the last redye with semi permanent! it sounds kinda confusing but it really did work!

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