Gay marriage

Why do people oppose of gay marriage if it doesn’t have anything to do with them? Like why do they care?

Answer #1

because they are nimrods and Homofobic

Answer #2

THey have nothing better to do with their time except be bigots

Answer #3

please tell me how gay people getting married affects society

Answer #4

I feel the same way. Gay marriage is a choice only those two people can make. It’s none of anyone else’s business. If you really truely love the person of the same sex it shouldn’t matter.

Answer #5

I don’t understand it either they will allow straight couple to get married then divorced years,months sometime weeks later but they won’t let gays and lesbians marry. Thats such bull

Answer #6

Meh, Biblical reasons. All of which are complete,… (er, can I cuss on this website?) bullcrap? Yes, bullcrap.

Answer #7

I think gay marriage would be ok . because they love each other. so why cant they be married.

Answer #8

I don’t know, maybe they’re afraid of different. Me, it’s not my life and none of my business who other people marry. Who are we to tell someone who they can and can’t love?

Answer #9

No idea what they’re “protecting”… They’re bigots who dont like people who dont conform to their standard of “normal”. But 25 years ago they explained racism using the bible… and that disappeared… This will too… just need some time…

Answer #10

I believe it will disappear evry generation of america always have sum type of social problem wit people like who they are or where they come 4rm we’ve seen it over and over agian as our country progressed I believe in sum 20yrs this issue will b over (hopefully) and by then they’ll find sum other group of people 2 oppress

Answer #11

I see a lot of cross name calling on this question- I think that everyones belief on the subject should be tolerated.

my personal beliefs about it are mine, and as one person stated above- we are all entitled to our own opinion. calling someone homophobic, nim rods, and bigots is still a form of bigotry.

I happen to disagree with that form of marriage. which is my personal right.

Answer #12

to baldiwin wolf I undertstand where your commin 4rm because I used 2 b da same way bashin people 4 their opinions which is sumthin that I dont tolerate its just that in my book if you dont think gays shouldnt b 2gether then yea your entilted 2 it but what pisses me off are people that will go outta their way 2 prevent them 4rm marrying I believe dats just pure cruelty 2 deny sumones right 2 b in love thats just oppression and we’ve seen that over and over again thorugout our nations hist. like how at 1st slavery was states issue kinda funny how america fought 4 independence 4rm great britain and here at their own soil they were doin the same thing 2 a group of people point bein (n btw I love my country go red,white,and blue) their will always b a group that will face sum form of oppresion in the world and sadly the us in sum 40yrs hopefully people will have accepted this and found sumthin new 2 feud over

Answer #13

I find all sorts of discrimination to be bigotry… I reserve the right to call anyone who has an issue with anyone else based or race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation (the list does go on) a bigot… Sure people are allowed to have their personal opinions. Free speech and all that. I still stand by calling a person with a discriminatory attitude a bigot… You’re talking about tolerating intolerance, and I dont understand why we have to be tolerant, when others arent?

Answer #14

usually its because of religion otherwise it just beceuse there simpleminded, dont like gay people, think its wrong, and dont beleive there entitled to anything straight people are as for me, I support gay marrige 100% being gay does not make anyone any less human

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