How to get rid of bad gas?

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You can try any of the flatulence-reducing medications or just eat less gassy foods. Vegetables, eggs, and meats cause the worst smelling gas, I've heard.

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But cappy, sometimes no amount of farting will just do!

Maybe sonshinehethr has just been stalling on going to the loo?

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mysterywolf knows a lot about gas... gas is a bi product of your digestive system.. bacteria breaking down.. certain foods give off more than others. beans beans that magical fruit is packed full of amazing fiber!!! depending on the kind of bean you can get around about half a days worth in one serving (12g = 57%) I love fiber personaly , it keeps you regular and healthy! but what to do about all that gas? well avoid eating fiber I guess.. or take one of the many supplements that mysterywolf recommended above!! you can try rolling around on your sides or sticking your but in the air (kinda like the downward facing dog yoga position) and let a rip.. privatley of course, or in a car/elivator/or small room with no excape!!! and n'joy as hilarity ensues.

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it has a lot to do with your diet
especailly food like eggs and beans
that will cause bad gas

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***But cappy, sometimes no amount of farting will just do! ***

Bah, nothing a good handstand won't cure...

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ANSWER #6 of 6 FART.

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