Who else is a gamer chick? I play XBox360 (fave game of all time = Bioshock) and WoW. What about ya'll girls out there?

Answer #1

I LOVE BIOSHOCK! i like the first one better then the second actually :)

Answer #2

My friend Jack is a WoW addict, I don’t even want to start playing the game as I know i’ll get addicted. I’m more of a James Pont, Sonic, Tomb Rader and Rayman kind of girl.

Answer #3

I have a Nintendo (original) and an Atari, only plays pong.

Answer #4

i play od school games like super mario 64, banjo kazooie and banjo tooie, other mario games, all pokemon games and a lot of older games, especially on the nintendo 64, i play a lot of other games too but prefer older ones. if playing pokemon for 6 hours a day back when i was younger doesnt make me a gamer, i dont know what does!

Answer #5

Not really, I just like a few games… Bioshock is awesome. :D But I love the Silent Hill series. And Eternal Darkness. And silly, fun stuff like Timesplitters.

Answer #6

Oh and Pokemon! Haha I’m still obsessed with that. Sad, I know, but there you go. :)

Answer #7

thats not sad pokemon kicks a*s!!

Answer #8

Haha, yes, yes it does! :D

Answer #9

me too. I’ve finished the first one like 3 times on each difficulty setting, and haven’t even finished the second one, once.

Answer #10

That is friggen awesome!

Answer #11

My house has an xbox360, ps2, gamecube, wii, psp, and ds. Love them haha, but hate to admit that I suck at shooting games. I clam up. But I play stuff like Mario, Sonic, Soul Calibur, wii sports, etc and family games haha. Rpg games are my favorites, like Pokemon.. Lol.

Answer #12

I am…I play all systems. I mostly like final fantasy series. They all seem alike but there all different. How? Because they all have different stories that they tell. I love em!!!

Answer #13

With games it usually can go either horribly bad with the sequel or it can be incredible. I had way to high of expectations for bioshock2 i think.

Answer #14
  • raises hand * i’m a HUGE gamer lol , i play the nintendo 64 and the xbox mostly ^_^ i play the legend of zelda and silent hill <3
Answer #15

i play dark orbit cuz my bf loves it we play together sometimes

Answer #16

lol, I have to blow on the insertion ends of the cartridges to get them to work.

Answer #17

XD i have to do that with my nintendo 64 games

Answer #18

Pokemon and CoD 4.2 ftw

Answer #19

I love pokemon. Dont be ashamed to admit that. I have pokemon for my DS. I played it all the time untill I couldnt find anymore new pokemon, then I got mad and quit. My husband and I both love pokemon.

Answer #20

Right here! Bioshock, oblivion, DragonAge, Fable etc!

Answer #21

time you trade it in on the real deal

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