Should I rent out furnished or unfurnished apartments?

If I see fit that this is the purchase for me, should I rent the apartments out as furnished or unfurnished and why?

Answer #1

Things like stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are usually included as part of the rental structure and are itemized in your lease agreement.

As far as furnishings, that is up to you but unless it’s a ritzy apartment I’d probably rent them unfurnished. That way you aren’t responsible for wear and tear on the furnishings or having to replace them if they breakdown.

An exception might be if you live in a college town and expect to be renting to college students or faculty, then you might need to rent them furnished to be able to rent them easier.

Also, if you are in an area that has cold winters, you are going to include Heat as part of the rent which you are responsible for. The reason is that if your tenants “run”, you don’t have to worry about the heat being shut off without your knowledge and your pipes freezing.

Good luck.

Answer #2

Depends on the type of tenants you are looking for and the area you are located in. Furnished apartments are great for the executive types that don’t have time to shop for furniture, but would like a place to call home without that hotel feel. When you furnish a rental, you have to buy very generic, neutral furnishings that could appeal to a variety of tastes.

Answer #3

It really depends, it will be easier to rent out if it is furnished but you’ll have to up the cost of rent to included wear and tear…

Answer #4

Personaly I wouldn’t furnish it with couch, beds etc. People won’t take care of it espacially if they did not buy it themselves and I wouldn’t rent a place that had a bed that someone else slept on (if you plan on leaving it there after they move) It sounds like you really have a good plan though. :)

Answer #5

If that is what you mean then yea. If it has fridge, stove and maby a dishwasher you will probably be able to rent it out a lot faster.

Answer #6

It depends…you should find out what furniture that you want and see how much it would cost as a total without furnishings in the apartment. Then see what it costs to have it already furnmished… I would buy the furnishings because if you ever want to move then y6ou could take it with you… You also don’t have to worry about taking as much care of it…

Answer #7

My plan in more detail is to leave the one rented alone to start. I will move into the other and replace all the appliances, any holes, new carpet, etc. But furnished meaning couch, beds, etc… Once the renovations are done in one, move the other family into the renovated one raise the rent to where I’d like it, and renovate that one. Once all completed buy house of my own and rent both apartments out newly renovated.

Answer #8

Like do you mean appliances? Like stoves and stuff?

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