Funky ways to paint your nails

Colors I have:
>Black (duh everyone has it!)
>white (another duh)
>Sparkly clear
>sparkly purple
>a creamy orange
>2 shades of dark blue
>several shades of hot pink
>neon pink
>2 shades of neon green
>neon orange
>neon yellow
>light pink
>purple(dark and light)
>aqua blue!! (my fav)

I have many many many colors of nail polish that are not listed!!! haha

I need some new ways to use em!

currently I have black with neon tips... and my middle finger on each hand is white with a dark blue tip
I have already had every combo you can think of with stripes and polka dots...
im running out of ideas

ooh and my toes are neon green and have black tips...
black is commonly used in all of my designs

I tend to change them every day because with what I do they chip...
even with a clear coat or after an amazing manicure!! so yuppp I need some more ideas!

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whenever I can't decide, I paint each nail a different color. it's much more fun than just one plain jane boring color.

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lol do what ever you want... express your self dont b asking randome people advice... I just do randome colours

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I do mine like watermelons' it turns put really good!.

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WATERMELON!!!paint your whole nail red (let dry) then put a green tip.using a toothpick put small black ovles for seeds. this is a nice way to paint your nails in the summer

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Yu Sure Yu Need Help??
How About Having 2Colours Like Blue & Green And Paint 1Hand Green But Leave Yur Forth Finger And Then Paint That Blue And Da Tha Same Wiv Tha Ova Hand And Then When Yu Have Finished Paint Tha Tips Opposite 2Tha Colour Yu Have On...Like This...
1st Hand...
Finger 1;; Green With Blue Tip
Finger 2;; Green Wiv Blue Tip
Finger 3;; Green Wiv Blue Tip
Finger 4;;Blue Wiv Green Tip
Finger 5;; Green Wiv Blue Tip

Same On Other Hand.x.

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or you cud just paint each nail a diff color..or paint the whole hand one color except for one nail..I have all my nail pink and my ring finger is yellow and my past nails were all white except for my pointy fingers they were lime green..good luck

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what I did with hot pink and purple I painted my left hand with all the sam color hot pink then right hand purple pink purple pink purple it is funky

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ok put desired color on. on the second coat while its still sticky dip it in silver or white glitter. or mixed colors of glitter. then let your nail polish dry while the glitter is on and stuff. the put clear coat over it to seal it.

another cool nail thing: paint your nails yellow. let it dry. and put desired number of coats on. then take a paint brush or a tooth pick and dip it in black. then paint smiley faces on. like one will be facing the outside then the next will be facing you and ect. ect.

well hope you like those ideas!

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