Cute way to paint your nails?

Any ideas for a cute/creative/funky way to paint your nails?

Answer #1

I do shaeluvspete idea too. Just use really retro colors. Like a black underneath and a bright color on top. You can to stripes to. or even smily faces. I do it all the time. You cann also use clear and then add a little bit of glitter…just do a whole bunch of things and see which one you like best. Everyone has a creative side.

Answer #2

Use a toothpick to paint any of the fine designs mentioned. It really adds a LOT of detail!

Answer #3

French manicure with colors is great. Instead of using white on the tips pick a really hot color, like pink or red. I always have the tips of my nails to match my outfit for the day.

Answer #4

I like to do mine with pink or red (any color will work)then clear and then lots of glitter

Answer #5

okay I paint them white then put black dops on them and make it like domminos its pretty kool

Answer #6

Ohh what I think is really fun (and cool) to do is paint dice! I use a light or dark shade at first, and then paint (with the opposite shade of the one used first) as follows: pinky- 1 dot ring finger- 2 dots middle finger- 3 dots pointer finger- 4 dots thumb- 5 dots

Do it so it looks like dice and its really cool!!! Good luck :)

Answer #7

I agree with jules2281, thats what I always do, this month theyù,re hot pink, sometimes blue or black…it’s really fun!

Answer #8

I use bright pink, and orange and black.. it looks so cute.

Answer #9

I love painting my finger nails and toenails! There is never a day they ar enot pretty and freshly painted!

One thing I love it french tips! But in a more funky kind of way! So it’s not just for “Special ocasions”. You can paint the whole nail like a bright pink or somthing, the the tip a pretty blue! They look great!

I also like to do polka dots and stripes! Glitter works wonders too!!

I just had my promotion and my toenails were/are painted white with black tips! They matched my dress! See, just experiments, paint everynail differently! It is so much fun! I also like candy colored nail polish! Its so bright and fun!

And always have school colors for your nails, for game days, or every friday! Go all out in school spirit!

Hope I helped! =] Have fun with your nails! I think I want to go try the dice one now! Laterz!

Answer #10

I like to paint my nails diagnally half 1 colour I use luminous pink and the another different colour that shows up on top of it I use luminous blue and it looks really nice

like luminous colours and nail art pens

Answer #11

try painting one hand black and the other whit and then tell every body that you hands have conflicting personalitys its sooo funny to watch there faces

Answer #12

I like to paint my nails like ladybugs! Red first, then paint the tops black. Paint a line down the middle and add dots.

Answer #13

I always paint my nails a lot of different ways. I love painting them one color and then making pokadots on them with another color. (I think it looks good with white and black or orange and pink.) Just an idea. :)

Answer #14

Heyyy:) I LOVE painting my nails! Some cool ways to paint them are.. 1.) pick two white & black and make them in btwn each other so five fingers will be white and five will be black. choose a color, like PINk! and put polka dots on each fingerr!! It’s adorablee. like no joke.

2.) paint each nail a light can get from target for a dollar. and then on top paint a a heart. and you dont even need to do it with nailpolish if it’s too hard. you can do it with sharpee. for real it works yall!

3.) Get black nailpolish..paint all your nails black. then put a clear sparkle nailpolish over itt! and then get 4 different colors and put dots in them. CUTE!

Answer #15

Take black nailpolish, paint all of your names black, then take 3 other colors. Say, if you use pink, purple, and teal (I do), take the pink, put it on the pinky and thumb ends like french tips, then take purple, put purple as you did with pink but put it on the ring and index finger. Then take teal and put it on your middle finger one. hehehee… I love doing my nails like that! But I lost my pink :(

Answer #16

I love painting my nails so I have enough ideas.

  1. Make them about three colors that match nicely together such as pink, orange, and white or brown, light pink, and yellow.

  2. Stripes. I love to put red white and blue strips on for the 4th of july or red and green for Christmas.

  3. French manicures always look good. They are really nice for special occasions or when you dont want anything really funky

Answer #17

wow everyone has got great ideas! well I love painting my nails, dont dont chew mine so when walking in the shops or at school people come up to me saying are your nails fake??!! well my idea is paint your nails all black then quickly put silver gliter on the and put over a clear nailpolish it looks so effective! hope this helped!

Answer #18

Well I like to paint my nails like a lime green and maybe add a hot hot pink as the tips its so cute! or you could do it the other way hot pink nails with lime green tips, you can get those colors anywhere, I got mine at justice and clares, and also use glitter-clear from anywhere really,its so cute. and if you want to put a design on it a cute little ladybug is cute with those colors! take a toothpick and take a red nailpolish and make an oval shape on your ring finger then add 2 little white legs to each side and then add a cute black face to the ladybugs! when they are done put a CLEAR coat on. it will take about 5-10 minutes to dry but by the time they’re done it will be totally worth it. I hope you like my idea. (plus I haven’t really told anyone how I did this,(until now) so not many people have done this so you will really stick out!) ( in a good way) your welcome! p.s. I came up with all this myself!!!

Answer #19

I love to paint my nails the way I have them now is really cool I took a light blue almost baby blue and painted all of my nails that color then I took white and did all different disgns on them its really cool

Answer #20

You should always paint them crazy colors, but don’t keep them the same color all the time. Right now I painted on lime green tips. Yesterday I had orange. The other day I had pink. (: Always mix it up. <3 Karen

Answer #21

for 4th of july I painted mine with red white and blue…

  1. paint your thumbs blue and the rest white
  2. after that’s dry take a tooth pick and make a white star on your thumbs or a pretty fire work if you prefer
  3. paint a read stripe on every white finger and you have the american flag! haha I love coming up with new ways to paint my nails…

my favorite nail polish is silver!!

Answer #22

you can do zebras like I do Just grab a bright color like neon green & then with a black color on the toothpick Just quickly move it to the left or right diagonally.its so cool when you expierment with other colors too.

Answer #23

all my nails one color like dark pink or purple, and my ring fingers on both hands white. I saw my friend do it and it was kinda cool looking!

Answer #24

You should do zebra stripes it would look so cool I’ve done it before. I would do the stripes with either a toothpick or a tiny paintbrush. It doesn’t have to b just black and white either I like hot pink and white

Answer #25

Put polkadots on some nails after painting it (once its dry) , or you could paint your nails lots of different colours if that makes sense.

Answer #26

I do my nails ALL the time. I like to paint them a really pretty, bright color, and then do the tips white and add polka dots just on the tips. It looks Super cute! :)

Answer #27

Maybe try to paint your whole nail a darker colour like dark purple, dark blue, black, ect. Then take a glitter pink and go from one corner to another… it would look hot!

Answer #28

What I like to do is to put two, different colored blobs of fingernail polish on, and then take a toothpick and use the pointed end to swirl the colors together. It looks fun, and what I like about it is that every nail will look unique, but not tacky.

Answer #29

I’m more into paintin my toes and im from texas and I have painted the texas flag on mine and other peoples and got lots of comments

Answer #30

For Christmas, take a white nail polish and paint the tip of if. (do it about half way up your nail. Then take red nail polish and make one red dot in the of your nail right above where the white polish ends. Then above the red dot, use a black nail polish and make two dots like eyes. TA-DA, you’ve got a Santa Clause. And for an even more detailed looked you can take a toothpick and dip it in the black nail and make a smiley face amongst the white beard to complete your Santa Clause!!

Answer #31

okay you can do little cute smily faces they rock!

Answer #32

I paint my nails ALL THE TIME :) Right now my nals are watermelon. I paonted my whole nail a light pink and then put green tips on them. after they were dry I took a toothpick and made black dots to look like seeds!! they’re soo cute and I keep getting complimants :) Ihope you have fun!!

Answer #33

use your favorite color dot your nails with a sharpie

Answer #34

Well I have 1 or 2 ways… will need peach and white nail polish

  1. paint 1 nail white then 1 nail peach and keep doing that till all ten fingers are painted. 3.wait till they dry. 4.Then take the white nail polish and make white dots on all the fingernails painted peach. 5.yhen take the peach nail polish and make peach dots on all the white nails.
                      You can do this with any 2 colors of polish. Also white and black go together good.
    Hope that answers you question!
Answer #35

I love to paint faces on my nails!! first I paint all my nails black. Then on my thumb I put a :) face with yellow on my index finger I put a :D face with orange on my middle finger I put a >:( face with red(lol) on the finger next to the pinky I put a :( face with blue and on my pinky I put a :3 face with either purple or pink This looks really cool when you text and really funny when you show your middle finger to someone xD

Answer #36

This one time I had my thumb and index finger white tipped, then my middle finger was brown and my pinkie was light blue, then my pointer finger was white then it had a blue and brown flower it was super cute!!

Answer #37

okay I paint them white then put black dops on them and make it like domminos its pretty kool… and I also put a flower on the thumb nails and put glitery liquid eye liner in the middle (you can find the eye liner at ulta) and the eye liner stays on :D

Answer #38

well I like to do crazy things and I paint my toes all different colors then leave your big toe plain and if its like this… (look at the list) then after you do that then you put all the colors on you big toe like in stripes!!!

1.big toe–plain
2.2nd toe–blue
3.3rd toe–green 4.4th toe–yellow 5.5th toe–pink SWEET SWEET!!!

Answer #39

I like to use neon colors. like neon pink, orange, yellow, or green. it makes you look really tan. :)

Answer #40

I think nails with polka dots, remixed french, stripes, and all those nail art designs are sooo tacky. I usually just do my nails a nice color depending on what season it is. I have every single color you can think of and my favorite is dark red. The farthest I’d go is painting my nails “rainbow”. And that’s it. But only with bright colors. Not hot pink, lime green, navy, bright yellow, and plum. I’d do like aqua, lime green, bright yellow, bright orange, bright red, hot pink, bright (happy) purple.

Answer #41

I LOVE PAINTING MY NAILS!!! im kind of obsessed. Haha, I change them every weekend…there are lots of people at school who look forward to see what crazy thing I have done.

Right now, all of my nails are this aqua blue…except for my ring finger on my left hand. That finger is half hot pink and half green. Then I wear a pretty ring on that finger because it draws poeple’s attention to it. lol

You could paint every other nail a different color, or every nail different. I have done my right hand pink my left hand blue, and then my right foot blue and my left foot pink. I get really excited when I come up with a new idea, heehee.

Answer #42

I love to do one hand two colors and the other hand two different colors it really cute :) my favorite is one hand pink and purple and the other hand green and blue. I lve doing my nails because you can express your self! and if you dont like what yyou did its not perminate!!! I also like to use tape to do my nai tips different colors 1.wrap tape around your finger so that you get as much tip showing as you want this makes it so that you dont paint on the rest of your nail. 2.when the paint is dry take the tape off and there you go you got a french manicure. I love to do wild colors!! I mean who doesnt?

Answer #43

Ok! Ilove painting my toenails I don’t really ever paint my fingernails because I bite my nails so then it doesn’t look good. But my idea is to take a light sparkly pink color and then take a light blue sharpie put polka-dots on your toenails and then you have bubblegum colors. Carley

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