What are some funeral speech ideas?

I have to give a speech at my little brothers funeral in a week. I want mine all to be unique but can people give me extracts or ideas from their funeral speeches they have made? that would be great. also the main idea, is for my speech to be very emotional. so please… thanks :) xxx

Answer #1

I love all your ideas, but im not suppose to be speaking on the funny side of things. its meant to be quite serious, meaningful, the other speakers are doing the funny story telling side but I have been asked to move the congregation to tears as I am the most liable for this. but im really not. I just couldnt let my family down by telling them I cant do it. and it is for my brother so I will do whatever I can. I can use quotes too,xxx

Answer #2

Hi Torrie… I’m sorry to hear about your brother…(((hugs )))

I wish you all the best with the speach… the emotion will probably come about the time you try to talk…so, maybe take a handkerchief just in case… and it might be helpful to make some notes beforehand, and read over them several times, so that you will be prepared…some things to think about are the fact that he will not be able to grow up, and experience all the good things in the world, if he is young, and it seems that he was, also, the flip side of that,is that he will be spared any heartache that may have come into his life.. and he will not be able to be the uncle to your children, that he and you both would have wanted… and his empty place at the family dinner table this Thanksgiving will be hard to witness… and impossible to fill…your children will be deprived of the cousins that they would have enjoyed very much…he will not be there for you during your lifetime, to share and enjoy…

Maybe this and the others will give you some helpful ideas…

Many Blessings…

Answer #3

maybe u can tell a really sad thing that happened and start crying and then say something about his schoolwork reportcard grade etc…serious stuffl like that…his work…hope this helps!

Answer #4

me or my friend? it will be incredible personal and unique, but that sort of thing comes from learning other peoples methods doesnt it. its like art or design, u get your ideas from studying other peoples work. look if u dont have anything nice to say please dont comment xiigzag, if u dont LIKe that im asking this question then dont answer and the people who want to answer will.

Answer #5

The person ubove your a real di(k I mena her little brother has died for fu(k sake just show a little consideration is that too much too ask for?

Sorry on your time of bereavment love, if you would like youe speech to be unique tell every one of all the fun times you had!

Answer #6

The best speech comes from the heart. A speech for a funeral especially needs to be personal. You obviously love your brother and have a lot to say about him (seeing you know more about him than anyone here), so it makes absolutely no sense that you want people to “give me extracts or ideas from their funeral speeches they have made” and that your goal is for your speech to be “unique” and “emotional.” You prove your love by being sincere, not by writing “the perfect speech” that doesn’t come from you.

By the way, you seem to have a multiple personality disorder. I can never tell when it’s you or your friend talking.

Answer #7

I’m so sorry for your loss. Okay, here’s the help: What made your little brother special? What was something quirky he did? What was something you never got to tell him that you wish you had? Remind the people listening that life can be cut off in a split second, and act like every day was their last–don’t hold grudges, let your family know you love them, etc. Again, I am really sorry that your little brother died. I have no idea what I’d do if my brother died. Big hug from me to you.

Answer #8

First, I’m very sorry to hear about your brother, my condolences. hugs

Secondly, I’m sorry xiizag had to go and make the above comment - its rather insensitive at a time like this, and its understandable you want to show you love for your brother by giving a unique and memorable speech.

I’ve never had to give a speech at a funeral, but that day will soon come when my Granddad (who nearly died two years ago and is in slow decline in a nursing home) passes away. Certainly, my Granddad means everything to me and being the oldest grandchild it will be my responsibility to give a speech on behalf of the grandchildren. It is something I don’t really want to think about, but something I have already had to give some consideration to, and my thought is to recall special, happy memories that me, my brother & sister and cousins had with him, the theme being that we shouldn’t commiserate his passing, but celebrate the fact that we knew someone so wonderful and be grateful we had them in our lives. Perhaps, you might like to do something similar with your brother.

All the best.

Answer #9

…strange how you sound a little more concerned about your speech than about your brother. If my brother were to die, I wouldn’t worry about my speech being unique and/or the best - my brother is dead, for god’s sake.

To each his own I guess.

Answer #10

first of all I would like to say sorry for your loss and how did it happen? but good ideas are saying funney things abouth lie saying about his first day at school and your first time abroad with your little brother and possible try to make it seem as funney as possible. but again I’sorry fun mail me if you need someone to talk to.

Answer #11

you have my condolence …

say something about what he used to love to do what youremember about him that was really great..and just speak what your heart feels…

good luck

Answer #12

I am really sorry about your loss… It seems that you really cared for your brother so start from there. Then gradually just add good things that he did or had and then put a great conclusion in like how much you miss him or he is going to miss you. Don’t worry if you cry that gets a lot more emotion into your speech. I would cry a lot I remember my great-grandma just died and my great aunt gave a speech and just cried and it showed how much love she had for her and got us to remember her. Please don’t fake cry but if you do then cry.

 How did he die? Sorry to butt in.
Answer #13

Whoa… sympathy and big hugs to you at such a rough time.

Best thing I can think of is telling a story of something he did that really touched you- like making you a macaroni picture to say sorry for something he did. When one of my friends died earlier this year, all of us got together and told funny stories about things he had done that really moved us- it’s nice to give people something to smile about at such a hard time, and to show them the things they will miss about the recently deceased.

Best of luck to you, and much love to all affected by his passing.

Answer #14

. this speech is almost like proving how much I loved him, thats why I want it to be perfect.its the last thing I can give to him now he has gone. and xiigzag, u know nothing about me or my brother. and u certainly dont know how upset iv been but what good is it going to do asking u all for sympathy? I loved my brother more than anything. I just need some ideas, thanks so much everyone else.

Answer #15

Anything you could say will be special and unique. You knew him in a way that others would not have, he was your brother.

Serious memories that you have of him would be nice, if you don’t want to be humorous. Just remember, whatever you say has meaning and he would probably love it.

I am so sorry for your loss, hun. I really admire you for even being able to make a speech. I know I couldn’t when my dad passed away.

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