Which FunAdvicers would you invite to a dinner party?

Answer #1

Merlin, Mr Bluedevil, Fairygirl, Evil Elmo, Bellsie, and Pistol Annies. Oh yeah and Colleen to watch over us :-)

Answer #2

Thanks :)

Answer #3

I’m going to be deliberately elusory and not name names, but there would most certainly be a few people from the U.K., at least one Canadian, and at least two Americans who I would consider to be worthy.

Answer #4

You’re no fun :P

Answer #5

Who liked this lol i was only kidding lol

Answer #6

If Colleen the canadian one?

Answer #7

Everyone would be invited, and I would reserve the right to throw anyone out who didn’t behave. It’s my guess that everyone would without the computer to hide behind. Should be a fun time!!!! As soon as I win the powerball lottery, I will fly everyone here!!!! (those who wish to attend)

Answer #8

Hhm… Anyone who would love to take a jet and fly over to Indonesia, and end up in Kuta Beach in Bali :D

Answer #9

I wud love to :-)

Answer #10

Aleks. Evil Elmo. Miguel. Mimi. Lizzie. Steph. Sarissa. Stephen L. Janice. Samuel. Janelle. TerryC. Merlin The. CaffeineJunkie. Nikki.

Answer #11

Hm Mackenzie, Janice, Emily, The Sideways Smile, Stefie, Drew, Morgan, Rotten, devin, and CASSIE!!!

Answer #12

Maybe its Janice :D

Answer #13

I like this idea! :D

Answer #14

Definitely Caffienejunk, Emily, Aleks, TerryC, Lily, Lizzie, Katie, Evil Elmo, tefie.

Answer #15

This sounds like a really fun dinner party! xD

Answer #16

By the look of it i will be having my own little party…all on my lonesem ownsem…..yeah….gonna have jelly and stuff too…;p

Answer #17

Awwww y all b urself

Answer #18

I’m in!

Answer #19

I’ll cook {:^)

Answer #20

Well,no invites and if i gate crash…from the ages of most people on this site i think i would defo get arrested lol so its jelly for 1.

Answer #21

I c, well ur invited to mine :-)

Answer #22

Oh yeah, watcha gonna make

Answer #23

Thanks :)…You do know you just Done good,dont ya ;)

Answer #24

Welcome and mmm hmmm :-)

Answer #25

Come on over my friend, it would be great to have a beer with you!!!

Answer #26

Might start with a grilled eggplant dip for some whole-wheat pita; then broiled wild salmon with a poblano-tomatillo sauce for the flesh eaters; tur dal (pigeon pea) soup; a mildly spiced half-sauted half-steamed cauliflower and potato dish; some lightly steamed fresh asparagus; a big mixed salad of greens, veggies, and a bit of fruits and nuts; and I’ll whip up some sort of frozen fruity dessert in the blender, or maybe just serve fresh berries along with some rich, dark ice cream from J.P. Licks for the chocolate lovers. All 100% kosher, of course.

Answer #27

Mmmmm that all snds sooooo good :-)

Answer #28

would you mind if i purpose you for a dinner?

Answer #29

Nah, Cassie’s definitely the Canadian.

Answer #30

I did say at least one, which does imply there could be more!

Answer #31

Make something vegetarian please!!!

Answer #32

I don’t even know! Around 10 names instantly jump to mind… but I’d probably let them all bring a few funadvicers that they want… I think it would be really interesting and exciting!

Answer #33

Leonora, please don’t be fooled by my adding a fish option for those who wish to indulge! I assure you the full vegetarian meal I just described will be quite hearty without it. {:^)

Answer #34

yay! thank you!!!

Answer #35

Haha, I like how my name is in caps lock.

Answer #36

Andrew hall, evil Elmo, michaela, Katie Rosalina, theSIDEWAYSsmile, colleen, and so many more people! :D

Answer #37

I’m on a few of those list! Aww.

Answer #38

Yay! ^-^ (:

Answer #39

^^ <3

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