Does anyone else think that the new funadvice is a bit of a rip off of Twitter and facebook?

Answer #1

No, Twitter is just plain stupid…. (sorry, but it’s true) I tried it out and it’s just dumb.. I mean basically all you do is post status updates. 12:49pm–Eating a burrito. 1:57–going to the store… How in the world is that fun? I understand why celebrities have it, but I don’t know.. I don’t like it. Facebook is more for staying in touch with family and friends. Friends that I never thought I’d be able to talk to again have found me on there… but honestly, I don’t really like that either. I’m mainly on there for the games lol. This is still the same FunAdvice, just more advanced. I like getting alerts, so I know who has responded to my comments, etc.

Other than that, FunAdvice pretty much has it’s own style and I’d choose this over the other two anytime.

Answer #2

I have to agree that it is alot like facebook and twitter. Yesterday was my first day back on here in a couple months and my first thought was “um.. am i on Twitter er something?” cuz i saw that now your friends are called ‘followers’ pretty sure that’s Twitters thing. before you know it theyre gonna add the little chat bar at the bottom. haha. The biggest difference between the sites is that on here you can ask and answer questions. So yea, basicly the way this website has changed is by throwing Facebook and Twitter together with its own little twist to it

Answer #3

Sorry, where is the ask / answer feature on those two sites…? I’m confused.

And twitter has in line videos? In line photos Really? Where?

Answer #4

Yea Ii meant by the whole status update thingy and the followers.

Answer #5

ya but the foollwing is but ya kinda i guess how you think that some features are copyed like chat and following but you can ask questions here

Answer #6

Exactly. Funadvice is focus on sharing ideas with the purpose of helping other people figure out something. Twitter and facebook are basically just for being connected with people. They might have the ‘sharing options’ but it doesn’t have funadvice’s genuine purpose (help or guide others). That’s why I love it here more than any other websites! lol (^^,)

Answer #7

I don’t think so at all. Just to say, I don’t think FunAdvice looks anything like Twitter. Not so sure about Facebook.

Answer #8

Tumblr calls them followers as well.

Answer #9

I do in a bit of a way. I perfered the old funadvice. But ido think that the points are a fun way of competition:) way to go funadvice:D

Answer #10

I thought that Funadvice was kind of a mixture of Facebook and Twitter too when they started the new layout but honestly Funadvice has a lot more to offer and to me it’s more fun than Facebook and Twitter. So I think in a way it is like them but so much better

Answer #11

I think he means the colouring of the site is similar to Twitter.

Answer #12

Yeah I meant that

Answer #13

Most blogs have followers, it’s the new hip thing to do now…Don’t tell me you are living in the stone ages, gotta keep up with trends mate or sites will be left behind whilst other sites are raking in big bucks $$$ :P

Answer #14

Lol no I just go on facebook reli :) Twitter kinda sucks reli

Answer #15

LOL, it’s ok, when I first log on to this new format I was thinking of the same thing but didn’t have the nerves to post a question out cos it’s kinda rude :P But each to their own, I prefer this new format then the old one (was hardly on FA towards the last few months now I’m on every bloody nights)

Answer #16

LOLLLL, I don’t have a Twitter account, I call users on Twitter, Twats and Twits (not nice terms hehehe) ….Yeah Fac-ebok friggin rockssssss, it’s my other love apart from my boyfriend :)

Answer #17

I like both formats but I think some things from the new format would have gone well with the old one. Some of the new things are kinda pointless. Like status updates? Aren’t they the questions that you ask?

Answer #18

Haha when I was in year 7 everyone used bebo paha. It sucked. Lol

Answer #19

Hell nooooo…Status updates are what is on your mind, people do not have to provide you with an answer…It’s mindless fun….Hey didnt you say you like FB, there are walls to walls and updates so what is the problem :P OK…I’m off to work…nice ‘chatting’ to you….Stop complaining or I will give you a knuckle sandwich to the face heheheh only joking

Answer #20


Answer #21

Lol fair enuff

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