how do i have fun at a homecoming without dancing?

i’m extremely self-conscious and i can’t dance at all. there’s a homecoming coming up real soon and i want to know if there’s a good way to have fun without dancing.

Answer #1

you find a guy that you like that doesnt wanna dance either. go to the homecoming football game or whatever but instead of going to the dance, go out on a date and paint the town red. :P

Answer #2

ehh… but i’m only 13, and live in a small country town with nothing to do anyway.

Answer #3

well i guess it comes down to finding fun people to go with. no matter what the occaision if you find good people to go with it will always be fun. :P

Answer #4

I used to be that way in grade school til my cousin told me one thing…if I wanted to have some what of a life I had to learn to stop being so self -conscious….she hit the stereo…and said ok…now dance…and I started turning all sorts of shades of red…and said hellz no. My cousin asked me why not…when I explained that I didnt want to look like a fool then she laughed & said, do you think that every cool kid in school knows how to dance perfectly?! I said I didnt know but thought so…ans she said hellz no!
We both had a good laugh & she turned the music back on and said come on…just loosen up…feel the music…and allow your feet to take over! I tried at first, felt weird doing it in front of her…but after we were both dancing she said now how do you feel…I smiled & said thanks. Sometimes we just need a little encouragement…no, not everyone can dance…but isnt it fun when you can & are not afraid to do it in public!?

I am glad I listened to her…and I hope you will to! Go, have fun, dance…pay no mind to others that might laugh or criticize…they cant dance 100% either…just have a great time 7 let us know how it went! :)

Good Luck.

Answer #5

well..i went to a homecoming once & all my friends left me to go dance…bad experience.. i hated it.

Answer #6

i don’t know..its not that easy… i just CANT dance. well im sure i could if i tried, but i cant even force myself to try..

Answer #7

hmm.. im saying jst go dance..i just had a school dance like yesturday and it was so much fun i love dancing and all my friends tht wouldnt danc ei got them to dance at the end of the nite.. :) either then tht go for a nice dine or go do something u both like!

Answer #8

I wish I could find the answer to this myself, as a male.

/shrug, I didnt think there WAS girls who didnt like dancing or dancing at homecoming….

Answer #9

ha. well i guess now you know. xD

Answer #10

find a guy and go makeout somewhear the whole time or talk to anyone who isnt dancing or just keep eating

Answer #11

sweetie, you shouldnt have to make yourself do anything…find out why you resent it because everyone can dance..some of us just cant because we resent doing it…maybe it is the music, or just the style of dancing…perhaps just something you never applied yourself to do…what ever the case is, I am sure if you allowed yourself to move to the the rhythm, that perhaps you just might find that you may even like it… if you fail at first, dont quit…try try again…and then you can show off your cool dance moves to your friends that left you there to dance…make them feel like you did… never get mad…get even! :P just have fun with it…and let the music lead you!

Answer #12

i don’t think i’ll make out with anyone…..lmao xD

Answer #13

talk to friends! :)))))))))))

Answer #14

yeah lol but they all dance & so thats kinda a problem :/

Answer #15

what about going around taking pictures or videotaping your friends

Answer #16

oh. well, hmmm… i know that i thought that i was a horrible dancer and i was also very self-concious but if you just follow what everyone else does than nobody notices and then you also learn to dance! so now im a pretty good dancer. i think that you should go and take the experience to learn how to dance. i think that you will have a lot of fun regardless of you thinking that youre not a good dancer. have you been asked by anyone?

Answer #17

temptress, i really like you. youre so nice and encouraging!!! what youve said on this question has helped me out with MY self-concious problems. thank you

Answer #18

lol that actually sounds kinda cool. :)

Answer #19

Make friends and talk to others that don’t dance, trust me, there’s plenty

Answer #20

lol thanks for the answer. :)

Answer #21

awe, ty so much, that is so sweet of you to say…♥ I guess I speak from the heart…some might not enjoy that too much, but it warms my heart when sweet people (like u) actually like what I have to say & it actually helps them!☺

So if I have helped you in any shape form or way…its been my pleasure…and if you ever need anything at all, feel free to funmail me anytime. I’ll do my best to answer you asap & to the best of my knowledge!

Answer #22

that’s what i did during prom. i danced of course but i had just as much fun taking pictures and recording

Answer #23

no, not many people like me. lol

Answer #24

i dunno if i’m even going, but i might, so thanks for the advice. :)

Answer #25

You should, I hope you have a great time… and as for the advice…anytime♥

Answer #26

oh, ok then jut eat th whole time or talk to random pple who dont like dancing

Answer #27

oh. im sorry. :( i havent really met you and dont knnow you at all but i think that you sound really nice and some of your comments are funny :)its their loss that they dont like you. ;)

Answer #28

lol okay :)

Answer #29

yeah, i like cameras so that would be great. :)

Answer #30

awh, why thank you! :)

Answer #31

to everyone who gave me advice about this: today was the homecoming, and i danced like you told me to. i had a great time. thank you so much for the help. :)

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