Did you make a FunAdvice account to give advice, or to to ask questions?

I’m just curious.

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Answer #2

I can’t remember lol. But, now I usually just use it for talking to people.(:

Answer #3

Actually I made my account to join in a discussion about all the things that make Americans annoying to be honest. It kind of went from there

Answer #4

LOVE it ah hahahahaha

Answer #5

I made mine to give advice at first. Then I used it for ages to just ask questions but I never gave much advice because I didn’t have much to say on the questions being asked :| But now I’m on everyday to give advice and help out.

Answer #6

I was in a bad mood after a run in with possibly the worlds most obnoxious american. Atleast I hope he was the most obnoxious - I would hate to think there was someone worse!

Answer #7

i accidentally happened upon it the day i realized that my new sims game wouldnt work on my computer, so to answer your question, i came on here to ask questions. i usually only come on to ask a question that i cant find the answer to (or simply dont feel like looking for the answer :P) but i usually always answer questions when i come on as well. im liking that its becoming more social though, makes me get on more :)

Answer #8

I made it to ask a question but now I like giving people advice too:)

Answer #9

I made mine to ask questions ‘cause I’m that much of a retard (:

Answer #10


i was searching for summet, found it here and just joined and that was it.

Answer #11


Answer #12

I, at first looked for something to give me advice or so I could ask questions. But now, it turned into both.

Answer #13

came on this site for my (ex) girlfriend. I’m not the smartest person so i can’t anwser most of the questions.. :)…and if i have a question i usully google-it….funadvice-it lol also i got nothing better to do

Answer #14

I have never asked a question I don’t think. I somehow got to the site through Google one day and answered a couple of the questions I saw as I thought I could help. That was 2 years ago when the site still had the old format though. I just pop on occassionally now to see if there is anything I can help with :)

Answer #15

to ask questions.. but i didnt know what this website was when i discovered it. it seemed pretty cool so i made an account.

Answer #16

A bit of both. I was searching on google for something when i came across this site

Answer #17

Me too, actually.

Answer #18

To give advise.

Answer #19

both :) cuz theres alot of young kids on here that dont noe anything and need older people like us! and it kinda feels good when u noe u gave them the rite advice from our experiences

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