Why did FunAdvice change the way you ask a question?

Why did they? It’s annoying and it just makes it harder to ask a question because you pick a title and it’s already been used so you have to pick another one but you can’t think of any. Also, you have to start a question with one of the following: Who, What, When, Where, Why or How, which most questions start with but it’s really annoying if you can’t think of a way to phrase your sentence with one of those. If you know why they changed it around pleeese help!

Answer #1

I agree. I think that the title should not have to be a question. It’s the title to the question that you’re going to ask inthe description

Answer #2

Yeah I agree with you people. It just makes me use my head more lol hehhe But yeah I dont like it, its stupid I have to like re type my question over again so it could get me to the next step ahhh poooieee!

Answer #3

Funadvie strike aye? They did it some there could be more orginization to the site. Sure many people dont like but that just the way it is! If you dont like it delete your account, they are trying to help and they dont need any negative comments from people like you :D Just pointing it out :P

Answer #4

This is…sad, to me:

  1. http://www.funadvice.com/q/how_can_i_get_specific_examples_of Zero feedback when I asked for it.
  2. This EXACT question has been asked about a half dozen times, since we made the change…our site isn’t about asking only :) It’s about reading…and if you can’t do that, all the asking in the world will do zero for you.
  3. You’re asking for free advice: the least you should do is to be courteous of other people’s time and phrase things like a question.

Yes, we will make improvements, however, without specific examples, we won’t…so, perhaps you could give me some specifics, in the question I asked, about HOW it’s failing?

Answer #5

HOW it’s failing?

by not letting you use ‘can’ ‘is’ or other words that could make questions for a start

Answer #6

lets all go on a funadvice strike

Answer #7

yalls should change it back … I think so people wouldnt ask as many q’s lol

Answer #8

Yeah I agree with pp2233oo loads of questions I want to ask start with ‘is’ or something like that which is annoying.

Answer #9

they changed it so it would be more “organized” yeah… uh huh… they just made it more difficult for everyone!!!

Answer #10

yer I fins it annoying especially when I want to ask a question starting with ‘is’ ‘are’ or ‘can’

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