Did you fulfill anything that was on your bucket list this year?

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Nope. I constantly forget whats on my bucket list !

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Me too lol, i need to write one and actually start marking things off of it lol... though i can say this year... My self esteem boosted from ;'( to ;D... I feel ten times better about myself!! I have this whole "Your beautiful no matter what" mentality<3

Can I have a listing of shoe stors?

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Nah, but I'll do them all this year. They're pretty simple things, nothing like bungee jumping or sky diving.

bucket list,
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Be on Honor Roll as a freshmen & sophomore. So far I did it :)
Other than that I'm still working on it :(

What is on your bucket list?

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Yep. First kiss. :3 Trololol, pathetic right? -.-

How many of the things on your bucket list have you managed to do this year?
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Yes! ZipLining!!!! Cause I'm afraid of heights, but I knew I might not get another chance to do this in the mountains. I'm really glad I did it!

What is on everyones christmas list this year?

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What would be at the top of your bucket list?
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Not really, but I made some progress! I am ALMOST finished my masters degree (thesis due in about two weeks!), my supervisor has agreed to continue to supervise me for PhD (assuming I dont screw up my masters thesis!) and in a couple of months I am hoping to submit my first scientific paper for publication

whats on your bucket list?

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Flying internationally :)

Whats on your bucket list?

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