How can my best friend get rid of her pregnancy asap?

ok i know it sounds really bad, but my best friend has to get rid of this baby asap for multiple resons, one the dads about to be 19 and shes 15 (dont critize, not the time or place also dont say things like she shud have taken better precautions cause trust me shes aware) the other being the fact her parents are abusive and scream and hit her over the littlest things( she was thrown at a wall and beat when they found out she was bisexal) is there anyway for her to NATURALLY get rid of it at like 4 or 5 weeks? or is there some pill she could take to get rid of it? also trying to avoid actully getting a sugical abortaion, what can she do to help get rid of the baby?

Answer #1

I think you CAN have an abort!on through taking pills. Not sure. All I know is that there is nothing she can do NATURALLY to get rid of it. An abort!on is the only option then. However, to my knowledge she DOES need her parents’ signature and consent. I’d look that up though. Another option would be to have the baby but to give it up for adoption…

Answer #2

How would you feel if your mom’s best friend was asking the same question? But you were in your mom’s stomach…

Answer #3

she cant keep it they will kill her and it

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Answer #5

There are morning after pills that she can take but it probably should be taken the morning after for better results i think.

Answer #6

Truthfully, if you’re not joking about the abuse and they would throw her in a group home I think it’d be better for her. No matter what, she is considered a child in society and no child should be put threw what you’ve already said.

Answer #7

The morning after pill only works if your not already pregnant, if you are it doesn’t get rid of the baby. I would tell her to be careful, If she does try any pills.. I know this boy where his mother tried to get rid of him and took different pills.. he was still born, it never got rid of the baby but had things wrong with him and still does going through life.

Answer #8

Okay first of all, call the god damn cops on her parents… and no sorry, she’s going to have to either wait for it to be born and then give it up for adoption…or have an ab0rtion.

Answer #9

Seriously, if her parents are such ass-holes as to throw her into a group home, you might as well call the police about it.

Answer #10

The ab.ortion pill can be taken only a few weeks into the pregnancy (so now’s a good time). Whether she can take it without parental consent depends on the laws of where you live. Try a planned parenthood.

Answer #11

There are exactly 2 ways of terminating a pregnancy without endangering your friend’s life.

  1. Surgical procedure
  2. Medical procedure - a pill available ONLY within a clinic or doctor’s office. The quickest source of accurate info is Planned Parenthood - as soon as possible

Her age is a problem, however. A clinic may not take her without parental permission, UNLESS she can show that getting permission would endanger her life or safety. That may mean going to a judge or doctor and pleading her case. If she has been treated by a doctor for injuries caused by her parents, that will be easier to show.

DO NOT try any of the rumors about doing the termination herself - they have been known to cause the death of the girl.

I would also - usually - encourage her to consider adoption, but in this case, talk to Planned Parenthood a.s.a.p. DO NOT DELAY because she only has a limited amount of time to act. After that nature takes its course.

Good Luck!!

(Plan B only works to help prevent pregnancy.)

Answer #12

Is there a family member like aunt, grandmother, big sis or anyone she is related to in some fashion, that she can trust and talk to that may be able to intervene on her behalf and help her if needed? If that’s unavailable I would strongly urge her to seek a planned parenthood counselor. At 15 she falls within the guidelines of HIPPA which basically means she can seek any kind of medical attention or counseling and that information can’t be passed down to the parents no matter how they try to pry it out of anyone be it medical or insurance, without her expressed permission. I have to agree, with Jacqueline if they are that abusive she needs to get away baby or no baby.

Answer #13

well first of all does she want the baby? regardless to what her parents would do. She has to think of that also, why is she gonna abort just cause of her parents if she does wanna keep it. She can do something about her parents, go to counseling or something. There are options. And second of all what did her boyfriend say? Is he gonna stay with her or is he the type of guy that runs away? That always depends allot becuase ur friebd needs support right now. Lastly, if she doesnt want to keep it, like everybody else said she need to go to a plaaned parent hood a.s.a.p. she can have an @bortion up to five months (it depends were u live too) but the sooner the better because the baby grows and why is she gonna do an @bortion when the baby is already big, and can feel it already. Theres is a home @bortion method, its a pill, you get that at a plaanned parenthood too. You take the pill, am not sure if its one or two, but u take it and when u go to the bathroom its just gonna come out, so dont be scared if u go to the bathroom and u see something unsual or blood, thats the baby. And well u juss flush it. Its sad wheb u see that but if thats what u want.

Answer #14

thats what happend to me not so long ago, i came out pregnant, i was 16, the first things that came to my head, was i dont wanna have it, what am i gonna do, and how am i gonna tell my parents. I was afraid of that one the most kuz they trusted me and they let me go everywhere. i didnt wana tell them. for the first 2 days my mind was set to not have it, abort. So i called a planned parenthood made my appointment and everythin. So i went and they checked me nd evrything.(i was 7 weeks) And while i was waiting to be called i was juss thinking omg what am i gonna do, i was crying, nd i said to myself that i need to grow some balls to tell my parents. So what i did is i left the place i told the nurse that i didnt want to do that no more, nd i left. And now im happy with my baby, i think back and say damn i was stupid for wanting to abort. My baby is my life, im glad that i kept it. My parents were mad at first but they had to get over it, and now they are happy too. If ur friend wants to keep it ahe should, like Marisha said if she has a family member that will suport her she should talk to them.

Answer #15

Well i dont think getting an abort ion is a good idea because that is murdering a child that is shameless and innocent…msg me if needed

Answer #16

Well, her mom’s best friend isn’t asking this question and she is not in her mom’s uterus. Babies don’t develop in the stomach. Anyhow, at 4 to 5 weeks of development, the neural tube has not even fused. So her “having feelings” about anything would be impossible.

Answer #17

What state does she live in? She may or may not have ready access to the kind of services you’re asking about, which are no longer as widely available as they were, briefly, a few decades ago.

Answer #18

I am very sorry to hear that your friend is in this situation. It is very unfortunate, but hopefully she will go on birth control and use condoms after this. Contraceptives are very important in preventing situations like this.

The following states do not require parental consent OR parental notification: CA, CT, HI, DC, IL, MT, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, OR, VT and WA.

Depending on the state, parental notification may be the only thing necessary. She may also be able to get consent from another family member, or her doctor can bypass the law.

There are no “natural” ways of preventing pregnancy that I know of. DIY aborti0ns can be very unsafe and ineffective.

Answer #19

well i dont think she should try to carry out a baby that her parents will kill for her if she dosent, the diffrence is if she kills it she can go on in life, if she dosent her parents could end up killing her and the baby at the same time so ya ima go with aboration is nessary

Answer #20

well i dont think she should try to carry out a baby that her parents will kill for her if she dosent, the diffrence is if she kills it she can go on in life, if she dosent her parents could end up killing her and the baby at the same time so ya ima go with aboration is nessary

Answer #21

Chartreuse, I think at least some of those states, maybe all of them, permit treatment of minors who come for that purpose from out-of-state. Do you know if that is correct?

Answer #22

This kind of concern is very alarming. First let me suggest you to tell the authorities how you’re friend have been treated by her family(and the fact that she is still minor). As I have read along you can always seek help from someone that might be interested in adopting the baby. Let your friend watch the movie Juno. She might be closely related to what happened to her. Im prolife so Im suggesting either you should tell someone from authority to take care about your problem.

Answer #23

no, shes basically all alone with this. and we don’t have a planned parent hood center.

Answer #24

I am inclined to say yes, but I’m not completely sure.

Answer #25

No that’s not completely true…The guy is also a contributer in this and he and his family (if he’s a minor) may be more supportive if they knew. It is possible his family may feel entirely different then her parents.

Answer #26

he dosnt support aboration. And its killing him that she wants one, so he’s basically refusing to see her because he says its killling “there” baby not hers, plus he really wants kids (no he didnt do this on purpose, he wasnt ready for one but was ready when it happened)

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