Free roaming cat harassment

The nieghbors (dispite our requests) let their cats out to roam free, ignoring the county ordinances to the contrary. As a result they use our landscaping as a litter box. Other than the odor, digging, flies, and threat of disease from piles of crap that go largely inseen until it’s too late, I have no problem with their cats beeing out. Does anyone know how to keep the cats away or repel them from our yard. Paintball guns, pellet guns, poison, anti-freeze, garden hoses, hand guns, dogs or other live animals, and traps of any kind don’t count and most of the liquid repelants smell so bad that they keep us away.

Answer #1

I’ve seen “repellents” ion the net and in Pet Catalogs…why not Google it, and see what you come up with?


Answer #2

Cats shouldn’t be allowed to roam free, not only for the neighbours sake, but for their own protection - roaming cats get hit by cars. Why keep dogs on a leash and let the cat go wild?

I have 5 cats that never leave my house.

Call animal control. If the neighbour won’t keep the cat in, then they’ll have to trap it. I’m not sure how things are where you are, but around here, if a cat is picked up and the owner can be identified, there are charges involved.

Answer #3

Cayenne Pepper will not hurt the plants and cats hate it, burns their paws.

But if you drink coffee dump your coffee grounds on their poop spots and they will not poop there again. You many have to go out each morning for awhile and drop them on different spots but after awhile they will go somewhere else.

This time of year Cayenne is cheap in the large plastic containers at Sam’s.

Answer #4

OK I give up. I haven’t seen one viable answer that wasn’t covered in the question. So, the white and black cats will soon be neon calico. Can anyone say - paintball gun?

Answer #5


Answer #6

I think cat is meant to live outside.Both of my cats live outside and inside. We humans treat these species like our own toys, and don’t give them all the options world has to offer them, killing their natural insticts. Cats are becoming like robots.Soon indoor cats genetics will change, thanks to the human , because it is more convinient for them. Life is too fast and we have too many worries beside the cat.I wish I could speak to the cats and do the survey -what cats like the most -is it inside or outside.But even without it, I see from my cats that they love outdoors, they are hunters from instict which is not dead yet. And I wouldn’t care if neighbor’s cat would be in my yard. I love animals, for animals the fence or property line is not their territory by any means. That said try to understand cats more, how would you feel if you would stay inside for your rest of your life?

Answer #7

My cat was 16 years old before he died, and he used to go outside until someone stabbed him with a knife and we had to take him to a vet and stitch him up have a drainage tube in him…and the ding bat told me”hey you if your cat comes into my yard one more time my husband will shoot it…well instead they stabbed it…I taught him to walk on a leash and took him into my back yard and he sat with his leash attached him and he would after a while just sit under the bushes while I did my gardening work, when he was tired he would go to the door…I walked him at night and my husband walked the dog…I have seen so any cats get hit by cars becasue they don’t know anything about car and just stand there and look at them and I end up burying them in my back yard…It is against the law to poision a cat…set a human trap and catch the cat and take it over to the owner and tell her next time it will go to the animal control…maybe they will listen to that…!!! Just don’t you dare poision that cat FOR IT IS AGAINST THE LAW AND CONSIDERED INHUMAN TREATMENT AND ABUSE…SO DO SOMETHING NICE AND TRAP THE CAT IN THE HUMAN TRAP AND TAKE IT TO THE OWNER!!!

Answer #8

Thats what you get for thinking, Cats were never meant to live outside in North America, cats are not native here, cats are a non native species,Domesticated cats kill millions of law protected songbirds yearly as well as billions of small mammals yearly.Taking food out of the natural predators mouths, Domesticated cats kill for sport ( do not eat what they kill).Yes cats love it outside for one reason and one reason only to kill for fun period, You are neglecting your cats every time you allow them to roam as well as being a inconsiderate irresponsible neighbor and pet owner. You would not care if unsupervised cats roam in your yard, destroying your property,defecting in your yard causing you to spend hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars yearly on repairs and cat deterrents that dont work, then I must say your mentality way of thinking causes me to question who you are as a individual because your thinking is hindered anyone in there right mind protects there investments.How would I feel if I had to stay inside all my life well I cant compare a human to a domesticated cat,because I dont kill for fun nor do I cause damage on other peoples propertys.I respect my community.Cat needs to be supervised it is a killer and poses health and safety issues when left unsupervised. It will be your irresponsibility that gets your cats killed.Yes Life is to short this is exactly why people should have peace from anything that disrupts there home.Understand animals, you understand animals by doing what is right and in the best interest of everyone involved,there is always boundarys that you dont cross, therefor having cats that roam free cross many boundarys.We make decisions based on what we know benefits everyone involved for good, we dont make decisions based on how we feel because feelings will get in the way of doing what is right.Jansa there is more involved then just the Cat.

Answer #9

The ones around my house are going to disappear.

Answer #10

Both cats and dogs are both domesticated they can be compared in that aspect.We need cat owner accountability laws,this will weed out the irresponsibile cat owner-this will also promote the health and safety of not only the cat but humans and wildlife as well it is in the best interest of wildlife humans and cats to ensure the health and safety of all is our human responsibility.Wheather or not a cat hates it inside is not the issue, we dont make decisions based on how we feel,we make decisions that are right and in the best interest of humans-wildlife-cats. It is the owner of the cat that feels bad for the cat if not let out- which in return gives the cat authority over the owner.we must be thinkers not feelers.risking a cats health and safety by allowing it outside is a risk to the cat, and irresponsible and inconciderate to the community.

Answer #11

I’ve heard sprinkling garlic helps, but I’m not sure how well that works. As for tinatodder, thats fine that your cat lives outside, but do you honestly think your cat ALWAYS stays in your yard and never roams off and poops in someone elses yard??

I think the laws for dogs and cats should depend on the location.

Answer #12

the trick is to not harm the cats. Get a dog, let it chase them, but not injure them. The other means of repelling do not work. YOu may be able to file a civil suit against your neighbors, but usually the threat of that makes them change their behavior. I had the same problem. I only have small dogs who are clueless about cats, so I borowwed another neighbors Doberman. It scared the catts witless. very now and again I catch htem snooping in my yard, and then I borrow the dog, let it sit out front, and all is good.

but please don’t hurt the cats :)

Answer #13

My cat liives in and owt :
When he wants to go out we let him out and when he wants to come in we let him in. ii think thats the best. Well we liive iin kiingstanding and cats are always outside. DONT call the pest control or anythiing cus thats realyy rave. They could get their cats took off them for nothiing really. How would you feel if they took your cats off you? Thats how they would feel …


Answer #14

uh, I disagree. my cat is 17 years old and he’s lived outside to his whole life. keeping them locked in a house is crazy. my cat hates it inside. he’s a bonafide thug, nobody can contain his a$$. he doesn’t come in for more than like 1 hour a WEEK. and he’s perfectly healthy at 17 years old. so HA.

and why keep dogs on a leash and let the cat roam? uh, because they’re two different species with different characteristics. you can’t compare a cat and a dog. they’re completely different. I have a cat and a dog, and I can safely say my dog is an idiot. if we were to let him roam free, he’d end up killing himself. cats on the other hand are much more alert and intelligent. the only cat that would ever get hit by a car is if he was deaf and/or blind.

sorry.. off topic. rate me low I deserve it :[

Answer #15

^^^it’s called sarcasm, I just meant most cats aren’t THAT stupid. cats who live their whole lives outside, I assume, can obtain SOME knowledge about not standing in front of a giant loud moving vehicle.

Answer #16

tinatodder4, I used to foster strays cats and find them homes. The “plus” side to that (and I use the term loosely) was that I ended up with all the cats that have been hit by cars, and were still (most barely) alive. I would get at least 2 a week on average.

If your cat has lived 17 years on the loose, then he’s lucky.

Cars are not the only issue here. There are other animals that could get in a tangle with the cat, rabies, dangerous places for a cat to get into and get injured, not to mention the cruel people in the world who are sick of having cats roam through their yards and do things to hurt them (ask me about the cat who had a stick shoved up it’s anus, straight through it’s body to poke out the front of it’s chest, and it was still alive, or the multitudes of cats who met their deaths in someone’s microwave - would you like to see that happen to your cat?)

Obviously you don’t give a damn about how your neighbours feel about your cat digging up their gardens and pooping in their yard, but at least have the decency to take the steps to protect your cat.

None of my 5 cats have ever seen the outdoors, and they don’t even care to. I can leave my door open and they don’t pass the doorframe - they were raised indoors, and they stay indoors.

P.S. do not “so HA” me - it’s obnoxious and extremely childish.

Answer #17

Call the animal control. I have 2 cats that live in doors (and they absolutely love it). My neighbors cats however live outside, they also poop in my yard and then my kids run through it…nasty… My husband called animal control and the cats went to the humane society. My neighbors decided they didn’t want to pay the fee to get them back…

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