Football or lacrosse? Which sport is rougher?

I personaly love the sport lacrosse but all my friends all telling me football is a rougher sport, but I don’t think that’s true because in lacrosse we are wearing less padding so we can run faster in, and also we have sticks to mash somebody with! Now I just need an opinion, which sports tougher, lacrosse or football

Answer #1

lacrosse is way rougher because at one of my games I got hit really hard and my helmet went flying off and I was lying on the ground

Answer #2

I think football is phycical because you can hit anyone you wont untill the play is over and in locrosse you only can hit the if the have the ball not to say lacrosse is not badass but I think football

Answer #3

players on my lacrosse team have broken there shoulders from hitting and getting hit also there collor bone. and one of my teamate gave the other teams goalie a concusion football suks go lacrosse

Answer #4

well football is way rougher how many people get head injurys and torn acls and shoulder problems football blows lacrosse out of the water

Answer #5

football is tough but you are just getting tackled but in lacrosse you are getting wiped out with sticks and you are also getting slashed with them.

Answer #6

lacrosse cause they have sticks to hit each other wiv!!! lol =)

Answer #7

Well moe we still have pads but they are meant to be small so we can run faster and we do have some HUGE defenders that are same size as football players but hey thanks guys! I got evidence to prove my friends wrong :P

Answer #8

Both are pretty badass sports…I’ve heard lacrosse is tougher..but I like football WAYYY better.

Answer #9

Without a doubt lacrosse.

Answer #10

That’s a tough one… I’ll just say lacrosse, because they aren’t padded like football players are…and they have sticks…lol

Answer #11

They’re both contact sports, though the defensive players in football are bigger. On the other hand, I’ve bled from being hit with lacrosse sticks before.

Answer #12

Football is rougher because you have 6’5’’ 300 lb defenders, badass linebackers, and contact for almost every position on every play whether they have the ball or not. Would you rather be checked by a 5’11’’ 190 lb lacrosse defender or hammered by 6’5’’ 300 lb defensive lineman.

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