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Okay so I was eating beef jerky and a piece is lodged in my throat, it feels like its in the middle. I've tried drinking water, eating other food, relaxing my throat, everything it could think off. Has this happened to anyone else? How did you get it unstuck? Can it cause any damage? Its been stuck for 45 min. Please help!

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This sounds weird but it has worked for me twice now, when I've had food painfully lodged / stuck in my throat and couldn't swallow past it. Take a bottle of ordinary white vinegar and swig about a spoonful of it. The vinegar is such a strong acid that it immediately "unclog" the stuck food, and it is very quick acting. It works!!

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This happened to me last night. I was eating steak and all the sudden it felt stuck. I tried swallowing hard and drinking liquids and it just wouldnt come out. To make matters worse, everything I tried to swallow to get it pushed down kept coming right back up, but not the steak piece itself. This went on for about an hour and a half. Finally my fiancee suggested drinking some Coke. The coke dissolved it enough that I was able to cough it out finally. It wasnt very attractive, but it did work. Try it!

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This can be a very dangerous condition called Eosinaphilic Esophagitus. It will have to be diagnosed by a trained Gastrointerologist. The problem is that white blood cells are attacking the esophagus and ccausing hard rings to form that will eventually close the opening to the stomach. If left untreated you can rip a hole in your esophagus and bleed to death. Please have it checked.

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Coke - well...PEPSI (heh heh) worked for me!
Thanks for that suggestion!!!

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I frequently get food stuck in my esophagus. The first couple of times it happened to me it would cause me to panic. I would try to swallow water and it would come right back up. I tried to make myself throw up and it wouldn't come out. Even my saliva would just fill up in my throat and I'd have to spit it out. After awhile though it would gradually go down.

The thing that works now for me is this:

Swallow water, and swallow hard. Don't simply just take a drink of water and hope for it to go down. You need to use those throat muscles to push and force the water down to dislodge the food. I still get food stuck all the time, however I don't worry about it anymore because it's only stuck for a moment. Just take a mouthful of water, swallow hard and force it down.

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Well its happening to me right now so... I'm drinking coke...

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a condition known as Plummer Wilson syndrom in which you get spasm in esophagus
and underlying cause is Anemia.Secondly refux of acid from stomach also lead to
changes in esophageal wall and starts lately giving this symptom.Lastly some
neurological condition makes spasm of esophagus and stomach spincter that also
gives this problem. Dont be panic but sametime do get investigated !

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Oh my god-the vinegar thing worked! I got a piece of potato salad stuck in my throat about 30 minutes ago. Everything I drank came right back up. I had some apple cider vinegar so I swallowed a tablespoon and it worked in about 30 seconds flat. I could feel the potato dislodge itself. It was a miracle-thanks!!!

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