What food is cheap and simple for my wedding?

I am stumped what kinda food should I serve it will be spring time and I want to cut costs as much as I can. I am thinking pasta and a couple different kinds of sauce. I want to cut costs as much as I can so I want the kitchen done by family no caterer. any ideas on other things I may be able to do to make this a simple and easy plan. What kind of food can I do that is cheap and simple. I want it to be either a meal or appitizers because I want an evening wedding like 5:30-6:30pm and the reception soon to follow

Answer #1

You might want to rethink the pasta idea. Since sauce can drip on your dress and if small kids are included in your guest list you might want to go a different route. You might try chicken, broiled or grilled, and offer chicken nuggets for the kids. Keeping it simple would be key, but it would also make sense to make the items served something that can stick to a fork. Rice or mashed potatoes, mixed veggies, simple salad with three dressings in small dishes on the tables will save time and troubles. At least one diet (vinegarette) dressing, ranch, itialian are general favorites. Keep a few general things in mind, easy to cook, easy to serve and eat, won’t stain if spilled should guide you in creating the menu.

Answer #2

a friend of mine is advertizing at local chef schools to get students to cater her wedding. she buys teh food, they get the experience and a recommendation…

Answer #3

Hi Hun, Congrats on the wedding. I use to cater on big and small budgets. Appitizers are a great way to cut cost and make a beautiful table. Examples: rolled sliced meats (prepackaged), Cheese cubes, & veggies. (ranch dip in center of tray) Hot wings, finger sandwiches, celery sticks w/ p–nut butter, brownie squares, meatballs, cocktail sausages, sausage balls, pigs in a blanket, cheese ball, ect. I have a lot of quick fix, make ahead of ime, appitizer recipies. Fun mail me if you would like any of them.

Answer #4

Lasgna is cheap to get. That is what my cousin is doing. Just either buying lasgna or making it. A few Lasgna’s feed a lot of people. Also, different Salads are always good and Cheap. Greek Salad, Pasta Salad, Cesar Salad, Toss Salad… One big ham is also would feed a lot of people. I know they are like 20.00 or so but you could slice it and people usually only take one or two slices. That might work. We had Pizza at my wedding and wings, we had kabobs- which aren’t hard to make just like chicken cut up on a screwer with some veggies in between. We also had mini cheesecakes for dessert, they were delicious. We had meatballs in a really good sauce too. That is pretty inexpensive. You could buy a big thing of meatballs and but it in a crockpot to keep it warm at the wedding. Anyway hope this helps.

Answer #5

My aunt recently had a wedding with a short budget. She did foods like finger sandwhiches and stuff. She also did like a potluck and had everyone bring stuff. Idunno if I’d do that at my wedding,perosnally, but Its an idea.

Answer #6

lol hehe the pot luck is a no go I did that for my first wedding and yeah that was terrible. lol I felt like it was a complete red neck wedding infact. The finger sandwhiches is a good idea though. Thank you so much for your input.

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