What is one food you will absolutely NEVER eat and why?

I’ll eat pretty much everything, but the one thing I won’t eat is mango because once I ate it with the skin on and got SUPER sick like vomiting and feverish and hallucinating and such =/ so what won’t you eat? :)

Answer #1

I will never eat a cassaroll of anything or peppers

Answer #2

ummm id hav to say this type of leaf sum people put insalad. i think its parsly i dont remebr but i did once and i puked so ya lol

Answer #3

Gum, anything mint flavored, anything bubblegum flavored, anything that is unnaturally blue or green.

Answer #4

I love casserole O: but I agree, peppers aren’t my favorite.

Answer #5

I love gum D: why don’t you like it?

Answer #6

I agree, parsley is revolting, lol.

Answer #7

Those cheese tortillas things…i have a horrible experience those. looking at one sickes me

Answer #8


Answer #9

Lol same with me and mangos :P

Answer #10

sea food… and the same thing happened to me! i was in 1st grade and threw up after eating it, and now i refuse to have anything that comes out of the water

Answer #11

I will never, EVER eat mushrooms because they are weird looking and slimy. Not to mention they are fungus!!!

Answer #12

Whale Blubber.

Answer #13

I refuse ever to consume a testicle of any species. As for practically anything else, I can’t see the harm in trying it once.

Answer #14

Mhmm, I probably wouldn’t enjoy eating that either.

Answer #15

Okay? O-o lol :P

Answer #16

It’s a delicacy in certain places…<_< Sorry. It was the first thing to come to mind. OH. There’s also stuff like blood pudding. And stuffed goat-stomach. These things don’t really need explanations as to why though.

Answer #17

Finally-someone else who doesn’t like gum.

Answer #18

It’s just so gross, it’s sticky and been chewed up, and then people stick it everywhere and it’s just grosss. And Sunshinebananie :D You are awesome LOL first person I have ever met who doesn’t like it also.

Answer #19

Frog legs, saw it on jersey shore. Definitely never trying that!

Answer #20

:O they are like both of my fav foods D:


Answer #21

most sea food, most things with melted cheese, anything with mayo / salad cream, egg yolk (i like the white :D) there is more but i cant remember :P


Answer #22

tomatoes, they actually give me the dry boak, my mum once put some yellow ones in a cheese sauce so i couldn’t see them and i actually near vomited

Answer #23

Turnips. They make me puke:(

Answer #24

I would never eat any kind of seafood because i just can’t stand it or it’s smell.I always say just think when you went swimming last summer those things were in the water -.-

Answer #25

I hate mushrooms!!!!!! Yuck!!!!!! Gags

Answer #26

I’m sorry but I just can’t only say one food that i hate here are my most hated foods: -spinach(cooked) -green beans. -brussel sprouts. -the bush part of broccoli. Most people like that part but I think of it as eating bush leaves -cauliflour -raisins -onions -beets -eggs(like for breakfast) -lima beans -liver

Answer #27

P.S Conner, I LOVE Mangos! Though I peel the skin off.

Answer #28

oops! Sorry I spelled your name wrong =/ Sorry Connor!

Answer #29


Answer #30

I am sooo picky -No tomatoes, but ketchup is fine -No potatoes but tator tots or french fries are fine -No peppers -Nothing too minty -No lima Beans -No onions unless they’re cooked in and I can’t see them -No cooked carrots but cold ones are fine ummmm….. -Almost no Mexican food because I hate really spicy >.< -No burritos -No baked beans

anddd…there are many more but those are the main ones:D

Answer #31

the worst one is probably really minty stuff tho…it like gags me Dx

Answer #32

Lolz you’re right you are picky! JK but so am I. I feel the same way about all the ones you said.

Answer #33

OMG you have everything i don’t want to eat ever! air hug i found my food twin!!!

Answer #34


Answer #35

i have a hatred for fish pie. I Like fish, i love pie. I once tried some fish pie and nearly threw up =/

Answer #36

Anything inside of Applebee’s I will not eat.

Answer #37

I absolutely LOVE gum!!! But hate anything bubble gum flavored. Ick!!! Makes me gag!

Answer #38

I absolutely LOVE gum!!! But hate anything bubble gum flavored. Ick!!! Makes me gag!

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