Flirt with your cousin

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This is the stupidest question I've read...

Why do you want to flirt with your cousin??? Thats your COUSIN. Whoever you are, you are very nasty. Theres millions and billions of people in this world who isnt related to you, how about you flirt with them.

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Ok, thats gross (extremely) but you asked for advice not critisism. Unless your cousin is like extremely wierd I guess just try flirting with her just like anyother girl. Hope I helped.

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go for it,,she/he might like you back who knows,,,take a chance..:) good luck ..and theres nothing wrong with only live once . ;p

My cousin gets me naked, not once but twice...y?
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yeah I want to do the same thing sometimes I just sit next to him all the time and hold his hand and sometimes I ask him to come over when my parents for soster of brother arent home and we have lots of fun ;) yea it easy all you have to do is act sexy and make him like you by being with him a lot! I want to go out with my cousin to that why I looked this up lol I need more advice!

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Why in gods name would you want to flirt with your cousin??!!

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um, first of all why would you wanna flirt with your cousin.?!?!?!?!

thats wrong.!

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ewww! That's the wrongest, most disgusting thing I've heard all day...IT'S YOUR COUSIN! ugh...

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Even if he does like you too - you will receive a lot of prejudice and insults.

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its your cousin what is wrong with you!?

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Seriously the only reason for not going along with it is on grounds on grounds of genes. Closely related persons have a greater possibility of giving birth to handicapped offspring. It all depends how far you envisage this relation will go.

There is nothing wrong other than what I stated above, additionally however you need to assess what both your families will think regarding your interest in each other...if you won't find at least a minimum of understanding from either side you will be in a for a rough ride.

Just take it slowly, it may be just a simple crush that will die out sooner rather than later.

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