Can dogs be fixed while in heat?

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Yes they can, but a lot of vets prefer to wait until they are out of heat, because there is too much bleeding involved when they are in heat! The surgery takes longer and is more expensive! I would keep her away from any males! Males will do anything it takes, to get to a female that is in heat, so you have to be aware and very careful. You don't want to have her get pregnant! I would wait until she's finished with her heat, and then get her Spayed! The less bleeding, the better!

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yes they can be fixed but it is more expensive when they are in heat and if your dog is pregnant than don't get her fixed and if you are not sure if she is pregnant than ask the vet and then you will know.:)

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Yes...but you might have to call around to find one who'll do it...It does cost more, and sometimes, an overnight stay. When they are in heat, there are tons more blood vessels that have to be tied off, that's why it takes longer to do the surgery, and why the vets like to keep them a little longer.


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Yes, it can be done. Spaying is a little more complicated when they are in heat, so it will cost a bit more.Usually they like to wait until after her heat cycle ends. The sooner you get it done, the better.

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Yes, and the Vet normally does charge a little more.

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