Should I get a honda civic or a buick?

Should I get a honda civic or a buick case I hear they last a long time or ill take any recomdations price range 3000$ to 7000$

Answer #1

buicks are cheaper and last longer while hondas have a better gas mileage

Answer #2

Hondas are good buys, for reliability yes, but because they are japanese cars, if anything breaks they’re expensive as hell to fix cause of parts. Buicks are cheaper to fix. Anything from GM with the 3.8 Litre V6 from GM is bulletproof. And good in the snow. My mom has run over small trees in our Buick in the snow. And it hardly ever breaks down even with 177,000 on the clock. Its ugly as hell, but oh wait, you could get a Chevy Impala with the same motor in it! Or a Pontiac! Many GM cars have the same motor and whatnot… you could throw a bomb at it, and I bet it would still run. I imagine a Buick would be cheaper to insure too, cause its not a speed demon. You can get it to go, but a Honda will go to 60 with the touch of a shoelace. I know someone that has one, and at every intersection a little rubber is laid by accident cause its too sensitive, which is what I didn’t like when I was in drivers ed. Go with the Buick or whatever you can find with the 3.8 Litre.

Answer #3

money is not a problem case I was hopeing to probobly get a acura integra and fix it up

Answer #4

hondas get better gas mileage on average, they also usally will outlast every other car becasue they are so weel made

Answer #5

dang thats what I was thinking or like a acura integra that way I can fix it up and hopefully race on a track legaly

Answer #6

Honda Civic.. just because I love Hondas.. they last forever.. mine is a 93’Accord, with 170,000 miles and runs like it’s brand new. (not really, but good enough) ;)

Answer #7

Wow that is quite and odd choice. Hondas are more like younger people type of cars, while Buicks are aimed at the 50 year olds and above.

Answer #8

i actully got a 2001 chevy mailbu with 32000 miles on it

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