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well I heard you could get it in a day. but I took it as a university course and did 10 weeks of it. I think I got a lot more out of that than I were to take it in a day... I guess I learned more this way

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My bad...but if you will look into the program I told you about it takes care of all of stuff you are asking questions about, all bound up in
1 ssimple class!!
Call the YWCA and ask about their babysitting class that they have. You will have to pay a fee for the class but they usually don't charge very much for their classes.

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mine took a week. Just a basic course

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I think it depends where you go, I'm a first aider, but I learnt everything from scouts and then took a test for a badge, easy.

Then there are full long proper ones which could take months.

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I heard you can take one online course and it takes about 2 hours. But I'm in a CPR and First Aid course at a community college in my city, and it will take me until May to finish ( I just started 2 weeks ago).

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I've already told u!!!

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