Fingering my girls clit makes her laugh and..

Fingering my girls clit makes her laugh and feel like she wants to cum, she can get loud and she doesn't want anyone to hear her, she put a pillow over her head and everything, she said if I press on it hard enough it feels good more than makes her laugh. Is this normal?

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Well its really sensitive and yeah it does feel more intense if there's more pressure applied and what not. So I mean give it a try. :)

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got it!!! I found out that she found it ticklish because she was not used to people touching her down there.
now I have solved and worked it out. all you need to do as try loads of differant things.
and licking works 100% of the time tooo! she loves it!

have fun! holygit

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i agree with little....ur tounge is way better to use then ur fingers

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ohhh... me too
but it feels so good and it makes me excited

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Umm, it can be normal but maybe you should try going down on her and using your toungue that usually is a more softer and maybe even feel better then using your fingers!!

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i donno i have the same think with my girl? i dont really understand it. but she seems to be enjoying it. but i wanna make her come!! not laugh. ill just be a bit more :P with the tongue me thinks! :P

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dude your so lucky...if she likes it when you put a pillow over her head you could totally have brutal sex with her haha

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ohhh... me too
but it feels so good and it makes me excited

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Its perfectly normal. Every girl responds differently!!!

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its deff. normal for a girl to feel that amazing when a guy is doing that .
that probably means that your rreallly good:)
you should like it

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hmmm laughing, maybe shes a little bit self concious, i've smiled but ive never laughed

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