How can you make another girl finger you?

Am 14 years old and am bi. I dont want to loose my virginity to my boyfrend so I want a girl to finger me but I dont know how or who to ask?

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Just like Princessa said ask your best friend,if you are too shy to ask her then get together with her where nobody else is around and start to talk to her about something sexy, and then say to her to let you finger her,and if you finger her nicely I would be surprised if she doesen't want to finger you, I was 12 when a 15yr old girl first fingered me,good luck.

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lol hotbody

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you meet me ;)

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iwhy dont you have your boyfriend finger you and do you have any closes bff girls that know or dont why dont you ask her have you ever wonder what it felt like to be finger by a girl or to be inlove with a girl or play truth or dare

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ask your best friend

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