Does anyone else find it annoying when girls post pictures of themselves in a bikini, or some raunchy photo when they're only, like, 14?

Answer #1

Yes, very.

Answer #2

very much so.

Answer #3

And then when someone says something like oh yeah attention seeker, their all like oh no, I dont mean to come off as a wh0re blah blah. P!sses me off :/

Answer #4

Definitely so.

Answer #5

I know! There’s this thing called “Modesty” they should try it once and see how much better it is.

Answer #6

Lmao, and then you look at their comments and there all from 30 year old guys, or just plain creepy guys haha

Answer #7

soo with u;) coming from a 14 year old..,,lol

Answer #8

Haha yeahh I know it. :P

Answer #9

I don’t find it anoying if its a bikini, I find that fine, people war those all the time, its just like a nature. But when they post just pictures in them in shorts so little you can’t call them shorts anymore, and just clothes to show off their body, yeah, that bothers me big time.

Answer #10

Yeah I guess it does. Shame to see how modest and desperate are becoming one things with some people these days.

Answer #11

I agree, it is juvenile…

Answer #12

Yes. It gives off the completely wrong message when girls do that. Not only does it seem like they have no respect for themselves, but it seems like they’re cheap and easy. When people respond to that, they act completely unaware of why. It drives me mad, honestly.

Answer #13

Yes. specially with demanding for comments. Hey, I just upload my pic with kid in swimming pool, but swear God I am not 14!

Answer #14

ummhmmm very. I would never do that! Think about someone can save that picture and do whatever they want with it! They could a normal picture to but wouldn`t be as bad as that.

Answer #15

Yes. I’m 14 & i have friends that are always doing that & it’s annoying. It’s like there trying to grab attention or they want people to drool over them. ugh.

Answer #16

no it doesnt…

ive a life and have better things to do than look or even think about what pics girls post cus its up to them what they post and as funadvice has a law where you can post yourself as you would be dressed on an american beach then i dont see the problem.

Answer #17

Nahhh. If they’re 14, yea, cause that’s barely a teen. But if theyre my age now and can be responsible for their actions, then no. I have a pic of me in my bikini, and seriously, I’m not trying to be a wh0re as you said. I’m very proud of how my body looks because I used to never be able to look good in a bikini, so I feel very proud of myself for getting close to where I want to be with my looks. Now, if someone my age had pics of them in ONLY their bikini, that’d be different. But personally, bikini pics arn’t that “offensive” to me as to some or most people. I think that people dislike bikini pictures because of jealousy, which no one will ever admit too. But I used to be jealous of those pics cause I couldnt do them. Now I can, and I’m proud of my body. =)

Answer #18

I find it repulsive. I hate that girls, especially younger ones, feel the need to objectify themselves to get attention. It’s aweful and girls this day and age need a strong role-model that doesn’t have nude photos of themselves on the web or work for the disney channel… Or both! shudders

Answer #19

LMFAO yes! They must have low self esteem.

Answer #20

Like you can talk, you do it.

Answer #21

And nobodies jealous, in my opinion, it’s just plain skanky and it seems like your just looking for attention from the guys on here.

Answer #22

nah there bodies if they want to show it why not

Answer #23

It makes them seem attentiion seeking. Its fine to wear bikinis, I do. But honestly, is there any need to take a photo of yourself in it and post it online where some creepy old guy can see it? No.

Answer #24

Well guess what? I can talk. Cause obviously I said that in my answer that I have a picture like that. And well it sucks you see it that way, because I have a boyfriend that I love. I’m not embarassed of my body and I’m proud of all the hard work I did to get this body, so I’m going to show it off the way I want too because I’m being me and I’m damn well proud of it. So no, I’m not “looking for attention from the guys on here”. I’m not “skanky” either. I just like that picture a lot because, and I can’t stress this enough apparently, I am very friggen proud of what I worked for. That, and my really cute bathing suit! =)

Answer #25

Fair enough :) I thought you were only like 13, but then I saw your age and your 17, and your almost an adult, plus you have a bf :) seems like we both like to voice our opinion :P

Answer #26

i personally find it disgusting when kids and young teens dress like skanks and even worse, post pictres like that on the internet. it makes them look easy and promiscuious, wether they are or not. and just makes me wish they had more self respect, as yes, majority of them (if not all) are looking for attention. the media is mostly to blame as sex is everywere and being used to sell basically everything. kids grow up with sexual images thrown in there faces at an early age, and naturally there going to imitate what they see. fair enough people have the right to show off what they have, but for the young kid or teenager, it honestly maks them look like sl*ts

Answer #27

I don’t really have a problem with it, it’s their body and their choice. If I had a nicer body I’d probably have some bikini pics up! Hahaha. I think it’s all good to post pics taken of you at the beach or pool, but I know what you mean about these 12 year olds on here posting a thousand pics of them lying all over everything in their underwear haha

Answer #28

Yeah, I think they use this site as a dating site, their stupid, attention seekers! Our school is full of them, so I s’pose you’ve got to get used to it :L

Answer #29

It depends on nature of the photo…. On a beach or at a swimming pool - they’re just out having fun… In front of the bathroom mirror or strewn out across the bed in a sultry pose - they only want one thing and that’s for people to compliment them and tell them how hot they look.

Answer #30

well it depends, i mean its just a bathing suit nothing raunchy about that, but if they are in the bathroom in front of a mirror with the door closed its annoying, cuz they must know they are doing something wrong if they have the door shut and are basically half naked, unless they were getting ready to go to the beach and took a pic in the bathroom, but what really annoys me is that out of know wear they are like im gonna put on my bikini and take a pic, like out of knowwhere and then post it on hear or myspace, mabey it wouldnt be as annoying if they were personal photos, or for there boyfriend or something, but its annoying when they make them for everyone to see

Answer #31

and its their body so i guess they have a right to weather we like it or not, but the age of some of the girls…

Answer #32

I completely agree :)

Answer #33

Okay look, if it bothers you then don’t look at the picture. I mean seriously it’s none of your business whether or not they’re dressing like a slut cuz chances are you don’t know, their not your mom your sister your teacher, it’s not Sally from next door so most likely it won’t affect your life. I find it weird knowing some people actually spend enough tome looking at these pictures so judge it especially if you’re older or younger or of the same sex. That just shows jealousy or creepiness. It’s a free country and I’ve yet to see anybody post a pic of their bare chest so lay off.

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Answer #35

Not true, I saw a girl post a pic of her boobs on here lol.

Answer #36

Well then thats just sad lmao

Answer #37

Gr typos to judge it lmao

Answer #38


Answer #39

yes my friend did it before and got picked at school but i suppose that they just want guys to look at her and think ‘god i want to do her’ but yeah it is annoying

Answer #40

It’s all about having a concept of modesty. It’s great that some girls are confident enough to show off their bodies. But theres a differance from showing off, and being a skank. Shirts that let your boobs hang out and mini-skirts that show your underwear is gross, and I think thats what the girl who asked this question was talking about.

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