Take someone else's pictures and claim them as their own?

Why do people even take someone else’s pictures and claim them as their own? It’s so agravating seeing someone who has pictures of someone else and it’s obvious it’s not them because it’s one of those famous scene chicks or something like that. Seriously, one time a girl had a picture of miley cirus and swore up and down it was her. Oh and then when they get a whole bunch of photo comments like; “your sooo gorgeous!”, when really it’s not even them. So does this make anyone else besides me mad?

Answer #1

People hiding behind a monitor..to pathetic to show who they really are.

Answer #2

My pics are cartoon drawings I did of myself so…yeah.

Answer #3

Does anyone know of a site where you can post a picture and it will tell you who in the real person in the photo?

Answer #4

It’s irritating, to say the least, which is why when we see fake photos here, we remove them.

Answer #5

most people who do that are insecure about the way they look…I feel sorry for them

Answer #6

Its really annoying

Answer #7

one girl claimed I did that. She was like “your pics look reeeaaly FAKE!” It made me laugh because I could send her a screen shot of my computer and stuff and a pic of my camera with the photo on the screen and a pic of me when I was born and threw out my child hood.

Answer #8

Its pathetic, and they are probably pedo’s in hiding.

Answer #9

yes, it makes me mad, and sad at the same time for those people doing it who cant just be thesmeves there are lots of reasons why mostly kids and teens do this and the main reason is because there so insecure about there own body or looks that they want to be soemone else, that theye think is more “beautiful” and there are so many sites were they can steal a pic from and put it on one of the many social networking sites asking for ratings, or to get comments about there looks most of the “scene” kids have rediculouse hair extensions have have been photoshopped to death something that sadly not many kids and teens can pick out so they think what there seeing is “real beauty” making teens feel even worse about ther own looks another reason could be because the person is obsessed with this other person/celebrity and want to be them some kids/teens want to prentend there someone else and use it to insault other people or abuse them also they could steal pics for other reasons like jelously, for backstabbing, ect and yes, bebo is one of the WORST sites full of pictures of “scene” girls and people prentending to be other “scene” girls almost all have been edited/photoshopped, a lot of them have hideouse orange fake tans, pouty lips and are half naked or in there underwear and the site is nothing but ratings and comments both crap like “your so fit” or hot, stunning, ect and abusive ones I hope that opne day that disgusting site gets closed down and maybe all those kids and teens will stop being so vain and wanting other people who they dont even know to comment on there looks

Answer #10

it’s just annoying sometimes. lol. and sometimes I do get a bit mad, sad, and disappointed. lol. I dont like fakes. ^_^

Answer #11

I think it’s sad, I wish I could boost their confidence so they could show who they really are. Everyone is pretty to me, I don’t know why they hide.

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