Who all has been in a fight before?

how bad was it and how did it start? I personally have never been in a fight.

Answer #1

I had been in a few when I was younger, but because I am a trained fighter it was always 3 or 4 girls against me. Im not trying to brag but I never lost a fight. Not too sure how they started but it was probably catty girl stuff.

Answer #2

I haven’t been in a fight but I’ve seen plenty and it’s usually spontaneous. A group of people charge another group of people, someone randomly swings, they come bursting out of the mall fighting each other, situations like that!

Would I like to fight? Never, I hate watching them, I hate seeing them, they make me terribly nervous and if there’s anything I would love to see, is a peaceful compromise between the to individuals.

Answer #3

i have it was kind of exilerating and it started because some guy started harrassing my friends and threatened to beat there asses so i called them out and they threw the first punch but i ended it

Answer #4

I’ve been in one “Fight” and i’ve been jumped once as well. They both started the same way and all the same people were involved.

The first “fight” was between me and another girl, Tasha because one of my friends, Angie said something about her mother and I was trying to get Tasha’s little sister’s attention to tell her something and to get her intrest I said, “Angie said domething about your mom.” and when I realized how I shouldnt have said that, I didnt tell her what Angie said and tried to forget about it. Tasha heard about it and asked me in front of Angie and other people what Angie said and I kept trying to avoid telling her so that she wouldnt fight with Angie and later on she saw me walking with people and she started hitting me. She couldnt follow through with her punches correctly and it didnt hurt at all, not even kidding. It was painless. I had extremely long hair then that she pulle dout of my hair tie so I put it back up like nothing happend, which made her mad. Her sister made it worse by laughing at her and saying “She don’t give a f*ck.” in reference to me so she tried hitting me again, but another firend of mine just kept getting in her way and that was the end of that.

I dont feel like explaining the other fight, but it was just as ridiculous and painless. Those girls really didnt know how to punch right. I say “fight” in parenthesis because before each “fight” I told them I was going to hit them back and I didnt. I am not a violent person and I cant bring myself to hit someone no matter how much I want to. I feel like fighting is a way of trying to prove yourself to others and I dont feel the need to prove myself to anyone ever. I dont need to.

Answer #5

i was in a fight because some Scot thought it would be a good idea to call me an English c*nt, it wasnt so bad used to fights, he swung for me, i moved, headbutted the prick, punched him a couple of times then that was it:D

Answer #6

*wasnt going to hit them back

Answer #7

Ive been in too many. People who have been for 2 years should know :P i posted about them. Ive been charged for Assault by Contact, ive broken peoples bones, left scars,jumped them, left them in the hospital, and almost killed one :/. Ive too violent sometimes, im really tiny but i know how to fight so no one has the balls to fight me :P Im always the one hitting them first.

Answer #8

What’s wrong with being Engilsh?

Answer #9

Why do you hit them first, do you feel that violence solves problems?

Answer #10

Like fistfights? Lots of times. When I was in grade 11 one of my friends got jumped by these two grade 12 guys by the school buses and all the aholes were just watching him getting beat up and my friends a pacifist, so I sent em to the hospital

Answer #11

Nope, but the feeling of kicking someones a$$ is way better :P

Answer #12

various charges of section 18s and section 20s

Answer #13

someone stole my money in 6th grade. i saw the dude with my money and punched him in the back of the head and took it…. i freakin hate stealers >:(

Answer #14

well i guess thats not a fight but still… i had fun :D

Answer #15

the only physicall fight ive gotten into was when i was in preschool and i broke a girls nose for making fun of my friend, but the worst verbal fight ive been in was when my friend was saying some awfull stuff about another frien and i told her to stop being a b*. It was probably the first time i ever sayed that word. later on of face book she said ahe wanted to puch me and she hated me and that i better watch my back. she also said some awful curse words. i cried hard. i felt bad for what i said and what she said mad me not angry but sad. i ended up calling her and we cried together. she deleted to post but not before all our friends saw. to this day we dont brin g that up anymore. it was one of the worst things ive done and one of the worst things shes done. maybe were dorks but im just so glad its over:P

Answer #16

lol! its funny and he probably deserved it:)

Answer #17

me and my friend got into a fight it was a catty fight tho it started by rumores that i was talking crap about people and some of the girls were jelouse becuase i was new and getting all the attention and theese girls liked being on top and diddnt like us talking to “there” guys soo she made a bunch of people agienst us and this girl was a tank and her and her freind decided they wanted to punch me and my friend in the face soo yah it diddnt end well

Answer #18

I haven’t been in a fight, but I slapped a guy for kissing me, and I slapped my cousin because he called me stupid. lol :p The guy who kissed me is still afraid of me =/ Even though it happened 6 years ago.

Answer #19

absolutly nothing, its the Scots who have a problm, haha coz we are mortal enemies, muhahaha

Answer #20

I’ve been in 2 phisical fights and i lost count of how many verbal ones. The phisical fights were at school, and they were for a very stupid reason i realize that now. And the other are because me and some of my friends use to have very nasty disagrements. :/

Answer #21

believe it or not some of the worst fites iv been in have been in have been with my very own brother. he can be a very evil little jerk, thinks hes macho, top dog, etc. and wen i get “out of my place” he has to “correct” me…he has threatened my life & other things…but thts besides the point. lets just say i rmbr one very specific time wen we wr physicaly fiting and he had me on the ground & was choking me rly badly ……

Answer #22

haha sry 4 the repeat on “been in” im dumb xP

Answer #23

Professionally wise i’ve been in A LOT, outside of that I try to avoid confrontation cause not to sound cocky but it’s really not fair. It’d be like throwing someone in a pool who can’t swim. Most people aren’t trained in fighting and i’ve been fighting for 14 years.

Answer #24

@itzzmee just like the scotts and the irish or the scotts and other scotts, damn scotts they ruined scottland! Lol (that was groundskeeper Willy from the simpsons btw, i love the scotts)

Answer #25

Ikr!! I can’t stand it when people steal!! And then when it’s your freinds they sit there and think “O well shes my frinend she won’t mind.” or “o well I know her like that” that does matter you still don’t steal you broke bastr*

Answer #26

A lot of times i have fought if you Where in my country and you are a boy getting pick on by older kids it’s not new. My last fight was in my senior secondary when i picked a fight with an older boy for taking my friends lunch money. He got really bruised up he couldn’t walk his fellow bullies had to pick him up and take him home. I do regret that day

Answer #27

What are you trained in?

Answer #28

What are you trained in?

Answer #29

I’m trained in Taekwondo primarily but I took Hapkido and Grappeling for a few years, I’ve dabbled in many other forms through out the years as well but didn’t stick with them for more then a year.

Answer #30

scots is just spelt scots, not the name. and scotland only has 1 t:D

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