How can i make myself feel more safe in my home after a robbery?

Our home was broken into this past weekend and ever since im a nervous wreck when im here alone. Im scared to walk into dark rooms, every noise i think someones breaking in, and when we come home im always terrified someones in here.

Answer #1

well you could get double pained windows and have a new secruity system put in. Also make sure at night you lock all door and shut all windows. Based on this - you could feel more safe because you know you did anything you can to secure your house

Answer #2

An alarm system, make sure doors and windows are locked and talk with ur friends about how ur feeling, that’s tends to work for me, I hope that helps, sorry I don’t know any other ways

Answer #3

Do yhu have a Dog? I have been robbed before and the detective told me to get a dog because burglars seem not to break in if there is a dog. And he also had said to go to a Home Depot or store that sells a cheap motion detector that makes a loud noise if activated. That would make the burglars flee thinking that the cops were on the way.

Answer #4

Yes that’s a good idea, I like that, but u must b sure and get a dog that fits ur lifestyle and personality

Answer #5

I got a security system after my neighbors had a break in. It’s $30 a month, and the way i see it, a $1 a day is worth the peace of mind.

Answer #6

I’m so sorry. I hope you didn’t lose anthing that was incredibly important to you. I use to be scared to be alone at night and than I got dogs. Problem solved. I got my boys (a pug, a Chihuahua and a Rottie/shepherd ) and I’m never scared anymore. People can’t hide in dark corners or behind doors when you have a dog. Dogs are one of the best crime detterants there are. People think twice before they break into a home with a dog.

Answer #7

there are motion sensing devices that make either an alarm or the sound of a barking dog on the other side of the door- so you can have the barking without actually having to get a dog. i would also recommend purchasing a taser- something that will less than lethally incapacitate any intruders, they make some pretty wild looking tasers now and they sell for usually under 200 bucks. you are in a very warm state so the taser barbs would be able to penetrate the clothing and give you plenty of time to escape and call the cops.

Answer #8

Thanks everyone. We live in a rented home that doesnt allow animals so unfortunatly getting a dog is out of the question. I would purchase an alarm system but we only have a few months left on the lease and id rather not spend too much when were about to leave. I do like the motion sensor ideas and the barking alarm idea though. Thank you. As for the taser, we own guns but i cant exactly carry them around on my side all the time when i have a two year old.

Answer #9

Ur very welcome, and I sure hope u start feeling better soon cuz all the stress not good for you or the baby

Answer #10

Well if you can’t have a dog you can get a “Beware of Dog” sign. That at least will give most unwelcome visitors a pause. Also I believe they make the motion sensor alarms where no real install is required. They run off a few batteries and you just hang them on the wall. Get one that barks like a dog, and get the Beware of Dog sign and that will cause most intruders to run the other direction.

Answer #11

Yes well I do not have the beware of do sign, but I have a security system in my house, with cameras at the doors that will record a couple days of motion data. I then have a sign at the front of my has that says there is video surveillance in the house. There are also motion alarms in my house that well trigger a siren, if there is movement in different zones. I also keep a firearm near the bed just in case someone is not detoured and I am in the house. This makes me feel safe, I am also a very lite sleeper. LOL

Answer #12

They do have the portable motion alarms that would warn you of motion.

Answer #13

Yes, I so want a bull mastiff when I move out of the city. My wife has said in two years we are moving out to 10 or 20 acres.

Answer #14

Most definitely true.

Answer #15

You don’t necessarily need to buy a Alarm system. You can just by some type of device that’s not that expensive. And you could also take that with you wherever you move to again.

Answer #16

I completely understand how you must feel… it must be horrible. Like super-alert mode all the time. But I guess, in addition to the other suggestions that have been made, you need to remember that break-ins aren’t common. But, after a little while, you will start to feel more safe, and secure. I think that it is more of a psychological issue than anything. Your security has been breached. And it takes time for that sense of safeness returns. I hope everything turns out okay! :)

Answer #17

Well, the first thing that comes to mind would be to install some sort of alarm system…and put a sign with the logo on display in your yard. This way, they will see you have an alarm, and most likely won’t even bother trying to break in. However, since you said you didn’t want to spend money on an alarm, because you only have a few months left on the lease…maybe you could just get the sign to put on display, and make potential intruders think you have an alarm, even though you don’t.

A few more ideas to make you feel safer are to go to a therapist, join a support group, and/or learn self defense.

Answer #18

Also, I think it would still be a good idea to get some sort of alarm. I know you are going to be leaving the place you are at in a couple of months, but with some alarms…you can take them with you to your next home. So, it’s not exactly a waste of money that way. :)

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