How to feel cool during the summer days if i have no air-conditioner?

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Get a fan? Drink a lot of ice water?

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Fan, popcicles, ice water, keep drapes or whatevers over your window closed to keep the heat out during the day and if you have a celing fan you could turn that on.

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just close ur eyes and keep sayin to urself that u live in antartica :P :D

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Get cold water from the fridge, pour it on a washer and lay it on your head? If you don't have a pool you could just have frequent cold baths? Or you could just chill naked?

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Find a shaded area and set up a water misting system that connects to an ordinary garden hose that can be found at home improvement stores. Then, just sit there and let the mist cool you off. Take a cue from people in hot countries, and avoid going out between 10 a.m. and 3p.m. when the sun's rays are hottest. (You'll also avoid a sunburn.)

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If you go to the loo run your wrist under cool water (gets you instantly cool)

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If you go to the loo run your wrist under cool water (gets you instantly cool)

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Last year I didn't have any but it wasn't as hot as this year. But in my family we had fans in every room and we went to other peoples houses when we had the chance! Also you could hang out in the basement it's always cool down there at my house.

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Take cool showers or take a bath. Drink cold liquids or eat cold things. Get a sprinkler. Go out to stores where there is AC on lol. My family doesn't have ac in our house, but we have our own ac in our bedroom. I would consider getting one for your bedroom only, cheaper then getting the whole house done, I got mine from sears years ago still working great it was only $100. Esp if you look for sales on them, their pretty cheap and it works great.

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- head to a pool
- take a cool shower
- drink plenty of water
- close all the curtins to keep out sunlight
- get a fan
- wear light clothes

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drink ALOT of cold drinks
cold showers
dont move around the too much
keep as much electronic stuff off
keep the door open [ not the front/back doors ] so air can circulate

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Drinking cold water or eating cold things doesn't actually cool you off. What happens is your body cools down, meaning it tries to re-adjust to the temperature by making you hot again.

To feel cool, drink hot tea or hot drinks to signal the body to begin sweating, which then cools the body off. It's a technique used by people who live in the Middle East a lot.

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I do that but when its cold and I think of Barbados :P :L

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take a cold shower for a while

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visit a pool, eat popsicles, wear summer clothes and try not to let the heat get into you :D

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take a shower 24/7

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take a long cold shower and drink alot of cold water and even if its hot relax

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hahah lol :D

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pour water on ur skin or wipe ur skin with a wet cold coth or i put my cloths in the freezer and freeze them.and where like shorts and a tank top.

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fill a bucket of water with ice n splash it over urself :D

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i diagree with everyone that say ice or cold water you should in fact be rinking luke warm water if that's unbareable then,take a hot shower just remember your homeostasis is making you sweat to cool you of bringing the heat out so fight heat with heat because if you fight it with cold you can shock your body and potentally cause more damiage

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