How do you feel about contraceptives in school?

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I feel anything that could help protect teens more and provide them with the means to have safe sex should be encouraged. Teens are going to have sex regardless, this isnt something new and we have all (almost) been there. I would much rather my children be educated on safe sex and have condoms and birth control given freely to them, rather than being a young grandmother because i was in denial.

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In school as in High School?
And is this a referance to the Usage of them at Highschool age
or is this more like Taking the pill durring lunch time or something?
I personally feel that if they are in the situation to need them, rather it be hormones or for protection, they have it for the right reason. It is doctor perscribed, and if you are under age you need a parent or guardian. Too many of my friends that I have graduated highschool with are already moms and dads, and that forced them to get married early. I am just bearly 20, and about 75% of all my friends have children.

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Oh please, people act like its a big deal and parents get so mad, but hey, you gonna be argueing with the school when ur kid comes home pregnant, or a father, at age 16? i think not.

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I think it would be a good idea. Parents would be a lot more mad if there teen got pregnant rather than there teen is trying to have safe sex. Even though they would rather have there teen not be having sex it would be better them having safe sex than risking the chances of pregnancy.

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its an essential however i dont think kids as young as 12.13 should be having sex,the fear of god should be put into them xx

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I think that it is a good idea. The more teens are protected the better. In my school, I swear, every other girl has a baby or is pregnet. So that means protection needs to take more action.

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As long as they use them "in School" it should be fine. like during p.e. Or something.

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