How to help your fear of the dentist?

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Tell him to use more anestetic :P

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I like to think of it this way:

Your dentist deals with people every single day, many patients--he/she probably doesn't even remember you, so you don't have to worry about him/her thinking badly of you for a cavity etc. I also think that, because of so many patients they have, they most likely see much worse cases than yours, if you're worried about things like that.

Otherwise, this is their job. They are only doing what they do to help you, they are professionals and they love what they do--helping people, making their smiles look simply fantabulous. Plus, they do look rather silly with those masks on!

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Think of it like he's gonna whiten your teeth to make you even hotter ;) & dont worry once your there its nothing you'll have fun plus don't they give out a free toothbrush, floss, & toothpaste? :)))

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You need to ask your self what you are actually scared of. When you know what it is that is making you scared then you can help your self. When you go in there tell your self you can walk out when ever you want, it makes you feel a bit better telling your self that no one can force you to stay in the room, they can't even make you go in there! x

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