What are your favourite kind of sweets?

Mine are sour cola-bottles and strawberry laces :P

Answer #1

Just about any kind of pie with whip cream on it followed by a glass of ice cold milk.

Answer #2

vanilla cookies, chocolate cheesecake, cherry cola, ginger ale, cupcakes, and salty lemonade :)

Answer #3

I love strawberry bon bons the half pink and half blue bottles. http://funadvice.com/r/166osj169b7

Answer #4

Let’s see I like just about anything sweet so let’s start with chocolate, pie cake, candy bars, ice cream, cheese cake, sixlets, honey roasted peanuts, fudge bars, ice cream bars, fruit, granola bar, cookies, fudge, pudding, jello, orange cream cicles, baked beans, milkshakes, and homemade banana pudding. Sorry so many but I can’t pick just one

Answer #5

my favorite candy is strawberry sour skittles, my favorite bake sweet is strawberry strawberry cupcakes … my favorite fruit is strawberries

Answer #6

Chocolate anything and especially chocolate covered strawberries

Answer #7

Chocolate anything, sour gummi anything, and all candy! I’ll eat anything. Sweets are my weakness…

Answer #8

they’re amazing too !

Answer #9

chocolate forsure

Answer #10

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese danish.

Answer #11


Answer #12

Doughnuts & Starbucks icecream. Mm, :3

Answer #13

Hmm, mixing Haribo & chocolate in your mouth so they mix together is.. Org*asmic.. They are my favourite combination of sweets:3

But Minstrels are my favourite:P

Answer #14

Red Sour Patch Kids, just the red ones though! and Sour Skittles :)

Answer #15

Oreos, anything with oreos in it. Whether it’s pie, cake, or milk-shake.

Answer #16

orange jelly sticks covered with dark chocolate- craved them as a kid and rarely got them- went like 3o years without them and suddenly found them at FLEET FARM- now it is a fall tradition to buy many boxes of them and gobble them up.

Answer #17

any type duh!

Answer #18

milkshakes and chocolate covered strawberrys

Answer #19

Wine gums <3

Answer #20

chocolate at times… But I love fruity candy

Answer #21

Peanut Butter and Chip ice cream or these delicious glazed donuts from a bakery in my town(:

Answer #22

Anything with chocolate, gummy and sour C;

Answer #23

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Answer #24


Answer #25

Sour patch, gumny worms, sour skittles

Answer #26

Anything GUMMY related, but i like chocolate candies, too. XD

Answer #27

Cookies ‘n Creme candy bars<3

Answer #28

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