Why is it that in fatal car accidents it is always the person sitting shotgun that gets killed and not the driver?

Answer #1

Depends where the car was hit. Or how it crashed.

Answer #2

because on some cars u can turn the airbag on or off yourself on a passengers seat but cant on the drivers side.

Answer #3

The majority of the time when a accident occurs. The driver tends to panic and turn the vehicle away from him and the on coming accident. Hence, they turn left, instead of right. Or vice versa, depending what country your in. So if you see a truck coming for you, most peoples natural reaction is to turn in a direction that would help them from being killed. Unfortunately, the passenger bites the dust. I’ve trained myself to turn in the safest direction that doesn’t allow myself or the vehicle to come to any harm. If something is coming to my left, I turn right, and vice versa. This is why you see most pictures of accidents that the passenger side is far more heavily damaged than the drivers side. If you wish to practice reaction, just drive down an empty street and picture something coming to you, then react accordingly. I say an empty street to avoid any possible accidents of your own. the more you do this, the more you get used to getting familiar with your surroundings and reacting properly to them.

Answer #4

well, tht shat all ovr my answer lol:)

Answer #5

Oh that makes so much sense :D Thank you.

Answer #6

Driving is set up so that a person, in a car, is on the side with oncoming traffic, it’s easy to control the side you’re on when driving than the far side of the car. They keep it that way because it’s better to crash the passenger’s side of the vehicle into something off the road than to crash the passenger’s side into another car, meaning more people getting hurt. TheCowGod got the rest.

Answer #7

^ agree…..cuz there was just a car accident where 2 ppl died and it was the driver and the person in the backseat behind the passenger….the person on the passenger side actually left the hospital with minor injuries…

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