What is the best, fastest, newest gaming PC/Desktop or laptop?

Hey, I am looking for the best, newest, fastest gaming machine/ Desktop or Laptop. I have found the Alienware Area-51 Area and AyberPower PC. But I am looking fo THE Best. No matter how much it cost… Please post if you know about the best gaming PCs… and post the website. Thank you !

Answer #1

You could look into some of the “Alienwhare” machines. That’s specially built for gaming.

Answer #2

Stay the hell away from Alienware. They are over priced pieces of Dell crap!!!

Answer #3

You can some very nice computers and or laptops built through iBuyPower http://funadvice.com/r/14tl8ggem5t. Another good option is to find a reputable PC shop in town to build your a computer, maybe have a geek friend look it over. For me the best way is to built my own. TechSpot has some very good guides on building computers http://funadvice.com/r/3m5aeee8nv Take a look a the The Enthusiast’s PC and The Luxury System. As far as desktop compared to laptop - you can get about the same performance in the laptop, it will just cost you about x2 as much as the desktop.

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Maybe I should have elaborated on that a bit.
Dell owns Alienware. So pretty much you are getting a mid grade Dell with all the parts over clocked - which will get you some great performance, but generates a LOT more heat, and wears out your hardware faster - so you computer dies twice as faster, or possible faster.

Answer #5

hmm, okay. I looked over the Level 10 - X58 which really impressed me, but well, which is the Best now?

Answer #6

oh, and the Gamer Paladin F970

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read chaos answers

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Answer #9

There both nice machines, but i would go with the Lvl10 one, just because I hate 3D. If you are really going to use the 3D and really don’t care about the price the Paladin is decent.

But in either case you may want to wait a bit. It doesn’t look like either one offers the new Intel i7 CPU’s, just last gens model (The new ones will says something like Intel i7 - 2600). Intel just finished fixing an issue they had with their new chipset and you should see products with the new i7’s on out soon. For example take a look at the Luxuary system on techspot (it has the one of the very nice newer i7 listed). But the core system is about $2k(similar price to the x58 Lvl10), but IMO would blow the pants off the Lvl10 system from iBuyPower - just need to find someone to put it together for you. I would ditch the 30” Dell monitor - $1500 is over priced for that, and maybe get 2 - 23 or 24” monitors. For the new i7 CPU’s they are going to say either P67 or H67 chipset or socket LGA1155. In several bechmarks I have seen the new SandyBridge intel CPU’s blew away last gens model.

The Intel Core i7 2600K for $330 listed will beet out the $1000 version of the previous generations model. (Core i7 975 Extreme Edition). You can take that ~700 dollars and through it towards another graphics card or monitor or something. No sense in paying an extra $700 for the same performance.

But as far as getting it built I know most people are not comferatble with building their own PC or even picking the parts for their own PC. So maybe take the part list into a PC repair/building shop and see what they would build it for.

And if you need to shave a some off the price I would throw out the Asus Xonar Essence STX sound card. Unless you are an audiophile with perfect hearing the on board sound really is plenty good. Also the LG WH10LS30K under optical drives is a BluRay reader/burner. IDK if you really need one of those, unless you plan on watching movies from BluRay on your PC.

Hope that helps, and I hope I didn’t go too far over your head their.

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