How can i treat my mother better?

I live in a great neighborhood with a family anyone would want to have. The only problem is me. I always screw things up by making my mom cry or just being a complete idiot. She's a single parent so she works all day and is really stressed out. When she comes home from work she goes straight to her room and just comes out to eat dinner with us. Then, when she tries to have family activities and have us all bond together I don't want to. I mean, how dare she go from completely ignoring us to trying to be our friend? I don't know what to do. I know I should apologize but I just can't. There's something inside of me that says not to. I can't wait to go to college so I can move out and never look back. I'm ungrateful and selfish but right now, I can't help that. I just don't have the strength. If my mom died or something I would probably kill myself because I've treated her so horribly. I just don't know what to do. Can somebody give me advice?

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You are on the path to growing up the fact that you feel bad about the way you act is a sign showing you want to be more responsible. The life of any parent is a hard one as there are no manuals, you just have to be creative and make one as you go along. You are indeed selfish and ungreatful but thats the child in you, step up and begin climbing the ladder to adulthood. Take time out and sit with your mom tell her how you feel, apologize for being childish, tell her how much you appreciate all that she does, providing a roof over your head, food to eat and even once in a while organising family days. If you don't like her family bonding activities suggest one that you think you all will have fun doing.
The worst thing a child can do to a parent is make them cry, I did that to my mom once too and even though I apologized I still feel bad to this day cuz no hardworking parent deserves to be treated that way by thier child. It is hard to do the things that I have said but growing up is not easy and neither is being a single parent.

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You're absolutely right, there's no guarantee she'll be here tomorrow....grow up, tell her you're sorry, you love her, and put a smile on her face TODAY....stop making excuses (poor little me, I just can't do it) can...none of us are perfect.

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ok when your mom come try to cook dinner and have the house clean and try not to get on her nerves like asking her a million and one things that dont really matter then buy her a thanks for being a great mom card to put a smile on her face and don't forget to let her know you love her.

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It's never too late. If you can't express care to your mother in words then show it to her by actions. Just be sure it is truly from the heart of yours because things done with genuine affection seldom fails.

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well i feel where you are coming from your mom have no right to treat you this she is a mother before anything else she cant take her feeling out on you guys its her job to make you you never feel this way so just keep away from her until she can come to you and tell you shes sorry for making you feel sad and alone or just let her know how you feel if she wants to hear it or not

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