Why is FA the only site that takes forever to load up on my comp?


Answer #1

Really? I’m not having any trouble, but I’ll let tech know in case it’s an issue.

Answer #2

Dunno. No probs here, sorry ur havein trouble

Answer #3

I find that it takes me forever to post things.

Answer #4

I have no trouble logging in, posting things it takes a little bit.

Answer #5

exactly my point…posting, answering things, funmail…forever to load & sometimes winds up posting 2x or that nice one, ooh I am red in the face error…:(

Answer #6

Yeah, it was getting better then after the adds, its been so laggy! Deleted cookies & stuff but still the same…:(

Answer #7

Wow that sucks

Answer #8

ooh the posting several times is probably from you clicking it more than once? I get impatient waiting for it to load so I keep clicking and then I post several times.

Answer #9

yeah I know…:P wish to god we had a an edit button so we could actually del that. A lot of sites offer that because they dont allow double posts. Also when you make errors that you catch while its loading forever to send, so you can go back & edit it make the changes you want or need it cancels the old post while posting the new one. So much easier then dub posting then have to explain the oops, sorry about the double post…so then you have 3 posts! :P

Answer #10

not your fault sweetie…I am sure the techs will come up with something! (hopefully) ;)

Answer #11

For me, it takes quite a while (up to 15 seconds) between clicking the answer button and getting the “thanks for your reply”. But I surf with tabs, so I just go to another tab and read another question there. So I don’t really bother.

@colleen: Info for the tech ppl in case they need it to de-bug… I use firefox version 3.6.17 with “ad-block plus” add on on an ubuntu linux machine. And I’m in Europe (dunno if someone in the transatlantic data line is devouring our bandwidth).

Answer #12

TY Colleen, it’s working much better now. :)

Answer #13

whoa did somebody mention cookies? yum! haha jk jk!

Answer #14

How you doin sweetie…?♥

Answer #15

Hi! im doing great, how about yourself? :)

Answer #16

i find that funadvice is actually pretty fast for loading on my computer, ev erything else takes forever -_-

Answer #17

Tired as hell been a difficult week.

Answer #18

instant on mine.

well a few seconds :p

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