Explain yourself??? who you are?

How do I explain who I am??

I don't know how to write an about me or even know who I am.

I'm a deep person...I just don't know how to explain it.

Does anyone understand??

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It depends why you're explaining who you are, you could write about; your family, friends, personality traits, hobbies, where you're from, what you want in life, movies/shows you enjoy watching, favourites (colours, music, number, day, etc.), foods you like, your views on things (religion, politics, etc.).

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Uhm, maybe you should ask a friend how they can explain you. They don't know every detail, but maybe it will help you.

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yeah I tried asking a few friends...but no one seems to understand or know how to help.

Stephanief987 I'm trying to explain...like my personality...who I truly am...like I'm deep...but can't explain what I mean by that...you know??

sorry if this is confusing

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I know what you mean, it's very hard for me to explain myself too I honesty don't know what to do about it just try to be more confident I guess
And the words will just come out, good luck! :)

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I understand... I find myself in the same position a lot of times... And you as a person will change over the years... For me the best way to "explain myself" is to turn on some of my favorite music, really loud... (Music is SO apart of me) and write free style... Just a pencil and a notepad... And what ever I think I write... And no puncutation lots of times... And sometimes it has some angry parts in it... But by the time your done and you have written down everything (that you have thought of... Like for 30 minutes or more) you will have written what you like, love, hate, and general things about you... And re reading it... You will probably have more things to be able to find and explain yourself... Then you had originally thought... Sometimes I do it on the computer too... But I find it more peaceful (for myself) to hand write it... And you can tell some of your different feelings by the pressure that you have used... So ... Sorry so long... But hope you try it.. And good luck...

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Maybe you don't know 'who' you are -
I mean some people know from when they are kids but for others they don't start to learn 'who' they are until they are a lot older. I know for me I'm still 19 and I still don't feel like I know myself.
It might take a couple of months, a couple of years, or even a life time to figure out.

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I agree with crazibabi003. Writing down how you feel, and think and certain parts of your life help you get to know more about yourself. Like for instance; you say you're deep. Are you the type of person to write poetry for no reason at all? Do you see life differently? When you see something most people would think of as weird or ugly, would you see it as beautiful or exotic? Does pain effect you the way it effects others?
Seeing yourself as who you are takes time. You should probably list things about yorself. Your fav. singers or fav poetry. Go through and tell about memories and all that.
To understand who you are, you have to understand how the things you've been through and expirience make you who you are. And while you're doing this it wont hurt to pop in your fav. music ; ) That'll most likely give you a peek into what to expect to learn about yourself!

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Start with your name literally. Tell them about your academic achievements, Education details, extra circular activities, hobbies, etc. You can also add your family details,friends,(but not much). You can be free to express your opinion on some social issues, religion, and other humanitarian issues, when given a chance so that you can project your unique quality in front of them. Be ready with the questions based on your hobbies and opinions. these factors play a major role in impressing the interviewer.
All the Best.

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