What is more expensive - washing machines or doing the dishes?

Does the maintainace of washing machines cast more than just washing dishes the ‘ol fashioned way? Or does the soap and water used during washing the dishes stack up more £££??

Answer #1

I find that washing machines are more expensive. It uses a large amount of water each time, as well it costs quite a lot to buy it in the first place. Washing dishes with water and soap, you don’t have to use as much and can cntrol it as well, when you have less dishes you use less water and soap whereas with washing machines you use the same amount.

Answer #2

doing the dishes. washing machines is the cheapest thing I do not want to live without. Imagine if you have to wash your clothes manually?

Answer #3

Expensive- washing machine. As Janice says, it uses tons more water, it needs to be repaired far more then a sink, it uses more washing powder, it uses electricity. This also means its a bad effect on the planet as opposed to washing clothes the natural way.

Answer #4

Nvm the clothes part, I meant dishes

Answer #5

I think you meant a dish washer, as a washing machine washes your laundries (clothes etc). If you hold lots of parties or have a big family, I think a dish washer is more practical and less expensive then doing the dishes by hand. Depending on which part of the world you are from, if water restriction is high, washing the dishes by hand (and trying to keep the warm water and clean) by repeatingly filling up both sinks will cost you more in water bill and your precious time as well as buying detergent, scrubber, rubber gloves, towels to dry the dishes on a regular basis…. Dish washer is less expensive if you have a full load of dishes, pots and pans. Almost every restaurants and domestic homes (the newly built one) always come with a built in dish washer. If you remove all the left over food on the plates or bowls before you place them into the dish washer, it will not clog the hoses up and no maintenance is required. The initial outlay to purchase a dish washer is expensive, but you can easily buy a lesser known brand for half or quarter of the price for well-known brands. I don’t know how anyone can live without a dish washer at home, it saves time, is good for the environment, less detergent is required.

Answer #6

Dishwashers have many washing cycles and types, so if you have less dishes to do, you do not necessarily have to do the whole washing cycle and this prevents water wastage.

Answer #7

Sorry, i meant dish washers. Sorry xD

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