Excess flesh hanging out of vigina

Hello, I am in my teens and about 18 months ago a large piece of flesh grew and hung outside my vigina. I was a bit worried at first but just ignored it. It was uncomfortable but I slowly got used to it. It’s the same colour as the rest of the inside of my vigina and has always been, and has always been the same size. It hasn’t changed ever since it was first there. It no longer causes me any discomfort and has never caused me pain; I was just wondering what it is exactly and why it is there. I would be grateful of any advice, thanks.

Answer #1

it is a fungal infection you need an antibiotic you can contact a doctor for best antibiotic better do it soon

Answer #2

I have a VERY SMALL piece of flesh comming out that part to but it doesnt bother me at all…

Answer #3

it may be a genital wart that you can treat with teatree oil but you may be better off seeing a doctor

Answer #4

ignore the ignorent comments and seek advice from your gp my 13 year old daughter has this she is seeking advice at the moment it is perfectly normal and can be treated its like when your a baby and female your vagina is adjusting lets say and part of your wall for example breaks away as in all females its part of developing some of the breakage connects itself back and as the years go by usually in your teens you start to notice it this can be removed safely and you can live a normal life my daghter was so embarressed but not anymore and is looking forward to getting hers fixed I advise that you see your doctor nothing to worry about at all.

Answer #5

I have that to I looked this up on gogle and found tis paragraph well I don even no what it is and im trying to figure it out

Answer #6

Your just developing. I had the same problem too, I asked my doctor about it and he said that there just flabs. really it’s just extra skin. see, when your young, you didnt have anything down there, as you get older the will flabs grow. it’s gross, I know. But if your still concerned it wouldnt hurt to ask a doctor.

Answer #7

its normal…I think but jus 2 be sfe go see a doctr

Answer #8

Hahahaha sagirl :)

Answer #9

Wow didn’t know how many girls had this problem. I have the same thing iam 20 years old and about to get married with one daughter and every time I have sex I tire to hide in the dark. but sometimes I don’t care but I never walk around nake I just wish I was like everybody else. one of my ex boyfriend’s asked me why is it like that I just make up something and said it’s cause my ex used to suck it lol and he believed it

Answer #10

what it is, is your inner lips(labia)from your vagina, they are bigger then normal and they hang out…some guys call them mud flaps, they can cause discomfort during sex and even wearing tight clothes. its not uncommon to have them some people just grow that way just as some guys get access skin on there ball going up there shaft, annoying but normal, non-threatening… if they annoy you real bad you can see a plastic surgeon and get them removed, but I dont think your going to get them removed for under $4,000…plastic surgery is expensive and your insurance wont help you out…hope this was helpful

Answer #11

You need to see your doc- it could be normal for you or it could be that something inside has come outside to where it doesn’t belong. You could be at risk for infection, or pain when you have sex, or you may have an STD that you can give to others. If you have an infection on your genitals it is possible to spread within your body and make you sicker with time. Go see a doc.

Answer #12

It’s ok they are normal but not common. Think of them as flower pistils, it’s a nice way to look at them. What are pistils? Search google images for “lily pistils” flower Pistils collect pollen from male flowers so they protrude from her. Some of the most beautiful women have them, also some p0rn stars have them too. Been a male i could name a few;) Hope this helps.

Answer #13

Hi my name is kristina and I have the same thing but look obviously its not as uncommom as you think it is look how many people have it. but look I know how you all feel you have that skin hanging there kinda puprplish pink it looks nasty ya know you wanna cut it off dont. I have been embarrased by this my whole life I started to get it at about 13 or 14 and it bothered me very badly to where I didnt loose my virginlty till iwas 1 because I was afraid of what a guy would think. the biggest part I hated was having my son because you have all these nurses and doctrs touching and looking at it and you thinks wow I wonder if they have ever seen one like mine I wonder if they are making face I womder yeah you do wonder but I dont know how any of you girls will feel bout this I have been looking on th intenet 4 avery long time to see vaginas like mine and I found them yesterday actually. It is kinda porn but just pictures of girls with there legs open showing off ther vaginas. its called (LARGE LABIA MANORIA) itss completly noraml and many women have it but just don’t talk about it here is the website for any of you girls who want t see foe urself that your not the only one with a large labia manoria (www.sexylabia.com) I hope this helps sweet heart

Answer #14

hi I have the same problem I was about 9 or 10 when I 1st realized it its so hard to deal with a long time ago I told my best friend and she told every one that went to my middle school and at that time I really dident know what to do or what to say. but now as I am now almost 17 and I am still dealing but I went to my GYNECOLOGIST she said it was perfectly normal but I am still scarred and you can get it removed if it bothers you or is painful. I just had sex repentantly and I was so scared during the hole thing,, im not going to say it gets any eseyur as you move on but just try and ignore it or go to a Doctor… hop it helped

Answer #15

It’s called a “piss flap”

Answer #16

im 17 years old and I also have that problem , as a dancer I have to wear tight clothes and its uncomefortable . I have been dating someone for almost 8 months and its still hard getting use to , always scared it makes me look overused…I need help!!!

Answer #17

yeah I have the same problem too, im 14 and I get fingered & oral, and me and my boyfriend have been doing it for 5 months now, and all of a sudden , last week he told me I have a VERY LARGE clit . and I was like .. thats not my clit. and he was like what is it then? and I didnt know what to answer so I changed the subject :S HOW CAN I GET IT REMOVED? it pissing me offf ! like im scaring of dating another guy and hes gonnna make fun of it or smthin . its grosss & please if someone knows on how to get it removed please tell meee !

Answer #18

Sweet heart I am 19 years old I honestly I used to thimnk I was supposed to be a guy lol becuae of the skin. well I got on here yesterday and read this and I have never knew that there were other people with the same problem so it does make me feel better. I have been looking no lie on the internet 4 women who have th same thing as me. I looked at a website. im ot to sure how you would feel about it but it made me feel better. Its called a (large labia manoria) many women have it and struggle with the embarrassment that they will be laughed at. I lost my virginit at 17 because I was so afraid of it I didnt let my ex see it for almost a year untill we were togeter and living together actally. It still bothers me to this day but its just part of who you are and no matter what anyone says its beatiful even though it dont look it lol. But it has a name and if you would like to see others like I said I don’t know how you would feel about it but go to www.sexylabia.com. I had to see to believe that I was not the only one. The main thing that bothered me the most about having a alarge labia was having my son becuae you have sooo any nurses and doctors looking and touching and moving the skin to get into the vagina it got very old anfd and very embarrasdsing it not a disease its not cancer its not a fungal infection there is absolutly nothing wrong with it. its you. its a large labia manoria (www.sexylabia.com) I hope this helps u

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