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My dog is 11 years old shep/lab mix hips are going ,he barks a lot he weighs abount 120 lbs.cannot get him in car to take him anywhere.Would like to have him euthanized at home but who do I call to have this done?

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as far as I know there is no way to get your dog euthanized at your home legally. I would ask your neighbors and friends to help you lift the dog and get help at the vets removing him from the sorry your dog is in such bad shape. hope this helps you =[

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Call a large animal Vet, one who does horses and other farm animals...and see if they might come to your home...they make "farm calls", so it's likely one might make the trip out.


How to euthanize a dog at home?

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Call your vet, I know where I work and we are a domestic animal hospital, the doc's will do home euthanize's. So sorry to hear the news, and I hope they can make it out, if not try placing a sheet under his belly close to his back legs and then hold each end above his back to help him walk, like a sling, or have someone help carry him to the car and the doc can come out in the parking lot.

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So sorry - you could put him on a tarp for lifting, and transport to the Vet.

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If you think you will need to Euthanize yourself or your pet in the future, then take a vacation in Mexico. There pet shops will sell you Pentobarbital Sodium which is a liquid sedative that vets use to euthanize. Since I do not live near Mexico and don't have a gun, I will have to pay a vet to come over to my house $$$.

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i owned the very best dog in the world. his name was Deuce. he was GSD and Golden Retriever mix. I had him 11 years and he saved my life twice during that time. He was my very best friend. In 2006 one of my other GSD turned on him when the local no kill shelter stole mt GSD's because the president was a GSD hoarder. He had his throat ripped out, and it cost me $15,000 to save him. He continued living with me and my friend took the now vicious GSD to his home to be an only dog. deuce got cancer in 2008, and I chose to ride it out with him. he struggled with his throat, and the cancer. Last August he collapsed and I couldn't let him suffer any more. My vet came to my house and put him down while he slept on his bed. I cried so hard. i couldn't have driven home from a vet. I have had to Euthanize two others, one to congestive heart failure, and one to necrosis of the stomach, and they were at the vet. i would rather have them home and do it right with a vet. It was more peaceful. But never do it yourself, that makes you cruel and vicious. If you could kill your pet with your own hands and be ok with it, you shouldn't ever own one.

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Here is an easy, safe method to euthanize at home. Total cost will be between $20 and $60, depending on the size of your pet.
You will need:
1) One or more disposable canisters of compressed Helium Gas, available at many big box stores for under $20 for inflating party balloons.
2) A crate or cage. This should be your pet's favorite resting and relaxing place.
3) A very stout plastic bag, large enough to completely enclose the cage.
4) String

Step 1) Put the bag over the cage, leaving the bag open at the door. Put a treat in the cage and allow your pet to go into their cage and get the treat
Step 2) With your pet in the cage, close the door and put the nozzle of the helium canister in the open end of the bag. Use the length of string to tightly secure the bag around the nozzle, so that the nozzle is protruding into the bag. Make sure there are no leaks and that the nozzle is unblocked by plastic bag.
Step 3) Open the valve on the helium tank, and begin to flood the bag and cage with helium.
Step 4) Once the cage and bag are fully flooded, maintain constant, but not extreme, pressure in the bag.
You will hear your pet immediately slip into unconsciousness. It only takes few seconds, and there is NO PAIN. You may hear your pet move about rapidly. This is merely a seizure.Your pet CANNOT feel any discomfort.

Step 5) Make sure the bag is still inflated. Breathing will slow, and then become sporadic, finally stopping altogether, between 9 and 30 minutes from when the bag is first flooded with helium. Just to be sure, listen after 40 minutes, and if there are no breath sounds, you have done it; CONGRATULATIONS, You have released your pet from his/her pain, and your family from the agony of dealing with euthanasia at a vet's office.

Step 7) Open a nearby door or window. Then, open the bag and allow the helium to escape.

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