Would having more estrogen make your breasts bigger and, if so, what kind of products will do it?

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No, more estrogen does not guarantee increased breast size, it generally just causes water retention and that causes increased breast size, but it is temporarily. The only thing that will permanently increase your breast size is plastic surgery.

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if your taking estrogen pills they ussually dont help in fact they have more testoserone than estrogen in them. this does not meen however that testosterone pills have more estergen in them. you shouldnt be unhappy with yourself anyways embrass yourself!!! im happy with myself and i have alot of peoples call me ugly!!

How can I make my breasts bigger?

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In men it will cause gynecomastia.

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Why woulkd oestrogen pills have more testosterone in them than oestrogen? Where on earth did you get that from?

How can you make your breasts bigger?

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